Objects & Places from Term Limits

Vince Flynn
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Dictaphone - One character is recording notes using this device when another individual interrupts so that threats that are made are recorded.

Friendship Heights - This is a Washington, D.C., neighborhood.

The Cabin - This is the site of many meetings between three individuals.

Nitroglycerin-tipped bullet - Use of this is successful in one instance, and threatened in another, in an attempt to learn the truth.

Sodium Pentothal - This substance is used to weaken resolve and learn the truth.

Arthur's Confession Tape - This item is turned over to the FBI to force two individuals from public office.

Mike Nance's Horse Ranch - This location is raided to save a kidnap victim.

Tazer - This device is used in the kidnapping of an individual.

Arthur's Cigars - The weakness for these permits the victim's kidnapping.

Mobile Scramble Phone - This device is used to prevent...

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