Objects & Places from Term Limits

Vince Flynn
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One character is recording notes using this device when another individual interrupts so that threats that are made are recorded.

Friendship Heights

This is a Washington, D.C., neighborhood.

The Cabin

This is the site of many meetings between three individuals.

Nitroglycerin-tipped bullet

Use of this is successful in one instance, and threatened in another, in an attempt to learn the truth.

Sodium Pentothal

This substance is used to weaken resolve and learn the truth.

Arthur's Confession Tape

This item is turned over to the FBI to force two individuals from public office.

Mike Nance's Horse Ranch

This location is raided to save a kidnap victim.


This device is used in the kidnapping of an individual.

Arthur's Cigars

The weakness for these permits the victim's kidnapping.

Mobile Scramble Phone

This device is used to prevent the tracing of phone calls.

Voice Modulator

This device disguises the...

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