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Vince Flynn
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


Students will have read the first two chapters of "Term Limits" in preparation for this lesson, a book they will be reading over the next 30 days. The objective of this lesson is to stimulate student interest in studying Vince Flynn's political thriller.


1) Research: To promote interest and provide a foundation for the next 30 days, have class members research Vince Flynn, author of "Term Limits." Students are to examine what influences his topic preferences, what life experiences are likely to have an impact on the author's writing, and other aspects. They will also read a short synopsis of the book upon which the next 30 lessons will center. Have some volunteers discuss their findings with the class.

2) Discussion: Have students answer the following questions and discuss as a class: (1) Flynn is renown for what types of works? (2) What years does this author's writing career span? (3) What background...

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