Term Limits Character Descriptions

Vince Flynn
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Character Descriptions

Michael O'Rourke - This individual is a former Marine who was awarded the Silver Star for saving others' lives while fighting in Iraq.

Scott Coleman - This person is a former Navy SEAL commander who is very smart, very strong, and whose brother is the deceased best friend of another character.

Stu Garret - This individual is a high member of the President's staff who plots to have two other characters killed.

Mike Nance - This character is a former director of the National Security Agency whose relationship with two others affords one of the novel's most significant plot developments.

Arthur Higgins - This individual is a former head of Central Intelligence Agency Dark Ops who is surrounded by extensive security due to paranoia.

Skip McMahon - This Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent is put in charge of finding the assassins after the first three murders...

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