Term Limits Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Vince Flynn
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• The first chapter starts with a description of an old wooden cabin surrounded by woods, and an unnamed man sitting in front of the fireplace as he burns documents.

• This man does not know how many people he has killed for his country, but he does not regret their deaths, as he believes the dead men had no honor and their types kill innocent civilians.

• Stu Garret, the President's Chief of Ataff, is in the White House in the next scene pressuring those who remain undecided on President Stevens' budget, and Garret will do anything to win.

• Michael O'Rourke, the lead character, returns to his office to find a group of reporters who pounce on the thirty-two year-old freshman Congressman, demanding to know how farmers in his district will be affected if O'Rourke does not vote for the proposed budget. He tells them they are wasting...

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