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Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Edward Seton accused of murdering?

2. What word does Emily use while discussing Mrs. Rogers' death?

3. What happened to Beatrice Taylor while she was in Emily's employ?

4. Who is the only person that Mr. Narracott thinks seems like "the right kind" to be visiting Indian Island?

5. How much money was Blore offered to come to the island?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Wargrave deduce about their host?

2. How was Macarthur killed?

3. How does Emily Brent explain Mrs. Rogers' death?

4. What does Lombard think about the villagers in Sticklehaven?

5. Describe Marston's arrival in Sticklehaven.

6. What did Emily suggest Vera do with her after breakfast?

7. How were Mr. and Mrs. Rogers employed and given their orders?

8. Why does Vera feel lucky about her job on Indian Island?

9. What was General Macarthur's life like in Devon?

10. What is the conflict between Vera and Emily concerning Lombard's crime?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how Christie develops suspense throughout the novel by using different literary devices including irony, foreshadowing and characterization.

Essay Topic 2

How does this story compare and contrast to a "typical" piece of mystery/detective fiction? What elements does Christie use to "trick" the reader?

Essay Topic 3

Indian Island represents something different for each of the main characters. Using examples from the text describe what the island symbolizes for two or three of the main characters.

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