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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Emily think Mr. and Mrs. Rogers are guilty?

2. How does Beatrice kill herself?

3. What does Armstrong believe about U.N. Owen?

4. Who might have potassium cyanide, according to Lombard?

5. What happened to Blore after Landor's trial?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the Judge remember about Seton's defense?

2. What does Mrs. Rogers look like?

3. What are some habits in others that annoy Emily Brent?

4. Why don't Vera and the others think that Marston would have killed himself?

5. Why was Lombard invited to the island?

6. What does Wargrave deduce about their host?

7. How does Vera explain her reason for being on Indian Island to Lombard?

8. What is the conflict between Vera and Emily concerning Lombard's crime?

9. How were Mr. and Mrs. Rogers employed and given their orders?

10. What is Rogers' appearance like when he comes on the terrace to speak to Dr. Armstrong?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This novel has no clear "hero" or protagonist. Select two or three characters that you think best fill the role of "hero" and explain why. Explain why you think Christie decided to tell this tale without a heroic detective who "saves the day."

Essay Topic 2

How does this story compare and contrast to a "typical" piece of mystery/detective fiction? What elements does Christie use to "trick" the reader?

Essay Topic 3

NOTE: This essay touches on the sensitive issue of derogatory language in the history of the story's title. Use delicacy and caution when discussing with students.

The novel "And Then There Were None," has had two previous titles, both of which are used in publications of the book throughout the world: "Ten Little Indians" and "Ten Little Niggers."

The theme of prejudice and "otherness" experienced by the characters is also revealed in these titles. Analyze the role of prejudice in the novel, particularly in the characters of Vera, Lombard and Emily. How do their prejudices affect them? Why do you think Christie used the perjorative term in her original work? Does knowing about this tittle affect a modern-day reading of the book or not?

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