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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal is Wargrave said to resemble?
(a) A lion.
(b) A mouse.
(c) A tortoise.
(d) A hare.

2. Why does Wargrave think all doctors are the same?
(a) They think in cliches.
(b) They are too timid.
(c) They are too cocky.
(d) They take too many risks.

3. Who first saw the SOS signals?
(a) A fisherman.
(b) The police.
(c) Some boy scouts.
(d) Narracott.

4. What drugs did the Judge bring with him?
(a) Codeine.
(b) Aspirin.
(c) Morphine.
(d) Sleeping pills.

5. How did Mr. Morris die?
(a) He hung himself.
(b) He was stabbed.
(c) He was shot.
(d) From an overdose.

6. Who had brought a syringe to the house?
(a) Lombard.
(b) Blore.
(c) Armstrong.
(d) Emily.

7. What does Emily think she sees on the windowpane?
(a) A cross.
(b) A face.
(c) A bee.
(d) A gun.

8. Who does Emily think she sees in the dining room?
(a) Beatrice Taylor.
(b) Rogers' ghost.
(c) U. N. Owen.
(d) Marston's ghost.

9. Whose room does Lombard first go to when he wakes up?
(a) Blore's.
(b) Vera's.
(c) Armstrong's.
(d) Wargrave's.

10. Where did Wargrave hear about Emily?
(a) London.
(b) Majorca.
(c) Africa.
(d) South America.

11. What other trait did the author of the manuscript have besides a lust for killing?
(a) Love of intrigue.
(b) Love of justice.
(c) Love of women.
(d) Love of adventure.

12. What is missing from the bathroom?
(a) The curtain.
(b) The mirror.
(c) The towels.
(d) The rug.

13. When does Lombard usually wake up?
(a) 9 A.M.
(b) 5:15 A.M.
(c) Dawn.
(d) Midnight.

14. What change did the author of the manuscript begin to feel as he got older?
(a) A growing desire to become a physician.
(b) A growing desire to commit suicide.
(c) A growing desire to go to prison.
(d) A growing desire to commit murder.

15. What does Vera wear while she is searched?
(a) A negligee.
(b) Her undergarments.
(c) A robe.
(d) A bathing suit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has whiskey instead of tea?

2. What does Lombard suggest doing when the weather lifts?

3. What profession did the author of the manuscript pursue?

4. What does Vera do to pass the time?

5. What has Emily lost?

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