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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does the motorboat usually arrive with supplies?
(a) At 9:15.
(b) Between 7 and 8.
(c) At 10:30 sharp.
(d) Between 10 and 11.

2. What was the return address on the letter sent to Rogers?
(a) Ritz Hotel.
(b) Burma.
(c) Devon.
(d) South Africa.

3. Who ordered and paid for everything on Indian Island?
(a) Mr. Smith.
(b) Mr. Morris.
(c) Mr. Thomas.
(d) Mr. Jones.

4. How does Beatrice kill herself?
(a) She hangs herself.
(b) She throws herself in the river.
(c) She drinks poison.
(d) She shoots herself.

5. How much money was Blore offered to come to the island?
(a) 500 guineas.
(b) 100 guineas.
(c) 50 guineas.
(d) 25 guineas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What interests did Macarthur's wife have in common with her lover?

2. How many servants are there on Indian Island to take care of the guests?

3. When does Lombard usually wake up?

4. Whose room is discovered to be empty?

5. How did Marston kill John and Lucy Combes?

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