Ten Little Indians Character Descriptions

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Dr. Edward Armstrong

This character unwittingly helps the murderer carry out his plan.

William Blore

This character is an ex-police detective.

Miss Emily Brent

This character fired a servant after learning the servant had become pregnant out of wedlock, which led to the servant's suicide.

Vera Claythorne

This character feels guilt over the drowning death of a young boy.

Mr. Davis

This is the pseudonym adopted by one of characters.

Sir Thomas Legge

This character investigates the murders for Scotland Yard.

Captain Philip Lombard

This characters admits to being responsible for the the death of twenty-one East African men.

General Gordon Macarthur

This character sits by the sea and waits for death to come.

Inspector Maine

This character investigates the murders on Indian Island and reports back to the Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard.

Anthony Marston

This character drives recklessly.

Isaac Morris

This character has ordered all of...

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