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Chapter 1

• The opening chapter introduces the reader to each of the characters traveling to Indian Island.

• Indian Island is the home of a mansion built by an American millionaire that has recently been sold under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

• As Justice Wargrave is en route to Indian Island, he reflects upon its history and the rumors surrounding it.

• Wargrave has been invited to the Island by an old friend, Lady Constance Culmington, who often goes from one exotic locale to another trying to find a place to relax.

• Vera Claythorne has been offered a holiday position as a secretary on the Island.

• Vera is on break from her position as a games mistress at a school.

• As Vera travels, she thinks back on a past that has included a Coroner's Inquest, a lover named Hugo, and a boy named Cecil who drowned.

• Captain Philip Lombard travels in the same...

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