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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dick observes that the English still feel suspicious of the Swiss because of ____________________________.
(a) their ski resorts
(b) their association with the Germans
(c) their chocolate-making skills
(d) their watchmaking skills

2. Who is Dick and Nicole's son?
(a) Lance
(b) Lanier
(c) Lloyd
(d) Lawrence

3. Who does Dick fire at Villa Diana?
(a) Bertrand, the gardener
(b) Gustave, the chauffeur
(c) Mariane, the maid
(d) Augustine, the cook

4. Dick returns to ______________ to live with his family.
(a) Zurich
(b) the Riviera
(c) Buffalo
(d) Berlin

5. Whose money funded the clinic operated by Franz and Dick?
(a) Dick's
(b) Nicole's
(c) Beth's
(d) Campion's

Short Answer Questions

1. Who visits Nicole when Dick goes to Provence?

2. Why does Beth rouse Clay from his drunken sleep?

3. What does Nicole say she learned a lot about in the institution?

4. What is Dick given for his pain?

5. Where does Nicole's sister think that Nicole should live?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Nicole's family's wealth further complicate Dick's life?

2. What does Dick realize about his relationship with Nicole after being with Rosemary?

3. How does Dick encounter Rosemary again?

4. How does Dick begin to fall out of love with Nicole?

5. What metaphor does Dick use to describe England?

6. What is the state of Dick's alcoholism at this point?

7. What is the Diver family's situation after Dick sells his portion of the clinic?

8. How does money become a factor in Dick and Nicole's marriage and affect Dick's self esteem?

9. What is the tragic event that occurs while Dick is in Innsbruck?

10. What happens to make Dick deal with his feelings for Nicole?

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