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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Rosemary meet as he carries a tent and beach umbrella?
(a) Abe North
(b) Dick Diver
(c) Mr. McKisco
(d) Campion

2. What does Rosemary tell Dick in the taxi?
(a) She hates her mother.
(b) She loves Nicole and him.
(c) She is adopted.
(d) She wants to go home.

3. What chills Dick about Rosemary's kiss?
(a) The innocence of the kiss
(b) The passion of the kiss
(c) The thought of Nicole
(d) The tears in Rosemary's eyes

4. Why does Dick suggest they all celebrate the next day?
(a) Bastille Day
(b) Fourth of July
(c) Rosemary's 18th birthday
(d) Armistice Day

5. What does Mr. McKisco swallow before the altercation?
(a) Brandy
(b) Sleeping pills
(c) Whiskey
(d) Sparkling water

Short Answer Questions

1. Who had been a patient of the answer to #79?

2. What do Dick and Rosemary do in the taxi?

3. What is Dick's professional goal?

4. Why does Abe ask if Jules is allowed in the bar?

5. Who does Rosemary think is one of the most beautiful people she has ever seen?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Rosemary continue to compare herself to Nicole?

2. How can you tell that Dick's mind is addled by Rosemary?

3. Why does Rosemary not have fun at the party after she analyzes the evening?

4. Explain Mrs. Elsie Speers' devotion to her daughter, Rosemary.

5. Why does Rosemary feel jealous for the first time in her life?

6. Explain the discrimination incident in Chapter 23.

7. What does Fitzgerald mean when he says this about Dick: "he opened the gate to his amusing world. So long as they subscribed to it completely, their happiness was his preoccupation, but at the first flicker of doubt as to its all-inclusiveness he evaporated before their eyes, leaving little communicable memory of what he had said or done."

8. How does Dick realize that Nicole is mentally unstable?

9. What can be determined about Rosemary's personality from her demeanor at the beach?

10. What lesson does Rosemary learn when Dick again rebuffs her advances?

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