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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the group go after lunch?
(a) Monte Carlo
(b) Cannes
(c) Saint Tropez
(d) Franco-American Films

2. What does Dick host that evening?
(a) A block party
(b) A party for Rosemary
(c) A going away party for the Norths
(d) A Bastille Day party

3. What does Rosemary do at the Newfoundland memorial?
(a) Leaves flowers
(b) Bows her head
(c) Bursts into tears
(d) Signs the guest book

4. What does Nicole tell Rosemary that is Abe North's problem?
(a) Alcohol
(b) Money
(c) Arthritis
(d) Love

5. What is the name of the hotel in the book's opening passage?
(a) The Four Seasons
(b) The Meridien Hotel
(c) The Ritz Carlton
(d) Gausse's Hotel des Estrangers

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows up at the train station to bid Abe goodbye?

2. What is the date of the opening passage?

3. What is the red-haired girl holding on the train?

4. What does Rosemary tell her mother at lunch?

5. What does Nicole read on the train returning to Paris?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Rosemary feel jealous for the first time in her life?

2. What does Dick reveal about his relationship with Nicole to Dr. Franz Gregorovius?

3. How does Rosemary equate Nicole to her mother?

4. What is Rosemary's response when Dick will not comply with her request to make love?

5. Describe the burgeoning romance between Dick and Nicole.

6. Explain the technique of flashback used in Chapter 26.

7. What does Fitzgerald mean when he says this about Dick: "he opened the gate to his amusing world. So long as they subscribed to it completely, their happiness was his preoccupation, but at the first flicker of doubt as to its all-inclusiveness he evaporated before their eyes, leaving little communicable memory of what he had said or done."

8. What differences does Rosemary note in her spending habits and Nicole's?

9. What is the nature of Nicole's mental illness which is mistakenly identified as schizophrenia?

10. How can you tell that Dick's mind is addled by Rosemary?

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