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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice does Dick give to Nicole?
(a) Stop wearing such dramatic clothing.
(b) Stay at the institution for another year.
(c) Get a second opinion from another psychologist.
(d) Go back to America, fall in love and have a family.

2. What happens after Dick and Rosemary finish lunch?
(a) They make love in her hotel room.
(b) They take a drive to the country.
(c) They go sightseeing.
(d) They go to the beach.

3. Who does Dick fire at Villa Diana?
(a) Mariane, the maid
(b) Gustave, the chauffeur
(c) Augustine, the cook
(d) Bertrand, the gardener

4. Where does Dick tell Franz he is going?
(a) A psychiatric conference in Berlin
(b) A personal trip to Chicago
(c) An overdue vacation to Hawaii
(d) A family vacation to London

5. Why has Dick taken this trip?
(a) To find himself
(b) To buy furniture
(c) To buy real estate
(d) To attend a conference

6. Who sends a disturbing letter to Nicole?
(a) Nicole's father
(b) Lanier's teacher
(c) The mother of one of Dick's patients
(d) Nicole's sister

7. What topic is Dick sharing with Elsie Speers?
(a) Skiing in Switzerland
(b) Investing in stocks and bonds
(c) His travels in Africa
(d) Her need for a psychologist

8. Who does Dick run into while in Naples?
(a) Beth
(b) Campion
(c) Lanier
(d) Nicole

9. What is the next destination on Dick's trip?
(a) Vienna
(b) Geneva
(c) Bonn
(d) Innsbruck

10. Who is Franz' wife?
(a) Keira
(b) Kara
(c) Kaethe
(d) Kelly

11. Where does Rosemary take Dick the next day?
(a) To a casino
(b) To her film set
(c) To the country
(d) To a museum

12. What does Dick resent about Beth?
(a) Her arrogance
(b) Her interference
(c) Her cold rich insolence
(d) Her sense of humor

13. Nicole refers to herself as _____________________.
(a) Daddy's girl
(b) the master plumber
(c) the life of the party
(d) the crazy blonde

14. What city does Dick associate with the demise of his relationship with Rosemary?
(a) Florence
(b) Rome
(c) Venice
(d) Naples

15. What news does Dick receive via telegram?
(a) Nicole is sick again.
(b) Rosemary has had a car accident.
(c) His father has died.
(d) Lanier has been expelled.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Dick and Nicole go to get haircuts together?

2. What does Nicole sense about Dick's feelings for her?

3. What does Elsie share with Dick?

4. How does Nicole behave at the site of the car accident?

5. How does Dick think about his time with Rosemary?

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