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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Nicole and Tommy have dinner?
(a) Nice
(b) Cannes
(c) Monte Carlo
(d) Provence

2. Where does Nicole's sister think that Nicole should live?
(a) New York
(b) Chicago
(c) Zurich
(d) Berlin

3. Where does Dick next see Rosemary?
(a) Venice
(b) Naples
(c) Rome
(d) Florence

4. Nicole refers to herself as _____________________.
(a) Daddy's girl
(b) the master plumber
(c) the crazy blonde
(d) the life of the party

5. Who do Nicole and Beth see Dick talking to on the beach?
(a) Tommy
(b) Rosemary
(c) Clay
(d) Mary North

6. How does Dick think about his time with Rosemary?
(a) It is just for fun.
(b) It makes him feel guilty.
(c) It is the best time he has ever had.
(d) It is leading to something serious.

7. Why is Dick taken to a police station?
(a) He ran out on his hotel bill.
(b) He assaulted a police officer.
(c) He got in a fight with a taxi driver.
(d) He beat up Rosemary.

8. Who sends a disturbing letter to Nicole?
(a) The mother of one of Dick's patients
(b) Nicole's sister
(c) Nicole's father
(d) Lanier's teacher

9. Dick observes that the English still feel suspicious of the Swiss because of ____________________________.
(a) their chocolate-making skills
(b) their association with the Germans
(c) their ski resorts
(d) their watchmaking skills

10. What makes Dick feel trapped in his marriage?
(a) Nicole's money
(b) His children
(c) Nicole's illness
(d) His father-in-law

11. What does Dick find in his hotel room the next day?
(a) Two notes
(b) Fresh towels
(c) A train ticket
(d) Nicole

12. Who visits Nicole when Dick goes to Provence?
(a) Tommy
(b) Rosemary
(c) Beth
(d) Topsy

13. What does Dick tell Rosemary when he goes to her hotel room?
(a) He thinks she is still beautiful.
(b) He is returning to America.
(c) He is leaving Nicole.
(d) He can never see her again.

14. Where is Dick's father's church?
(a) Scranton
(b) Albany
(c) Buffalo
(d) Poughkeepsie

15. Where does Dick actually go?
(a) Bonn
(b) Moscow
(c) Munich
(d) Paris

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Nicole and Tommy take a drive?

2. What does Franz suggest for Dick?

3. What does Tommy tell Nicole?

4. What advice does Dick give to Nicole?

5. Who is Nicole's sister?

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