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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dick tell Franz he is going?
(a) A psychiatric conference in Berlin
(b) A family vacation to London
(c) A personal trip to Chicago
(d) An overdue vacation to Hawaii

2. What does Nicole consider to be her security blanket?
(a) Her sister
(b) Her money
(c) Her children
(d) Dick's love

3. What does Nicole give Tommy for his cough?
(a) honey
(b) camphor rub
(c) cough syrup
(d) cough drops

4. Nicole refers to herself as _____________________.
(a) the master plumber
(b) Daddy's girl
(c) the crazy blonde
(d) the life of the party

5. What does Franz' wife say is the only reason Dick married Nicole?
(a) To rescue her
(b) For her family name
(c) For her money
(d) To control her

6. Whose money funded the clinic operated by Franz and Dick?
(a) Campion's
(b) Beth's
(c) Nicole's
(d) Dick's

7. Why has Dick taken this trip?
(a) To buy furniture
(b) To find himself
(c) To attend a conference
(d) To buy real estate

8. What is the next destination on Dick's trip?
(a) Vienna
(b) Bonn
(c) Geneva
(d) Innsbruck

9. What does Dick tell Rosemary when he goes to her hotel room?
(a) He is leaving Nicole.
(b) He is returning to America.
(c) He thinks she is still beautiful.
(d) He can never see her again.

10. Who calls Dick in the middle of the night?
(a) Rosemary
(b) Tommy
(c) A police officer
(d) Campion

11. What explanation does Dick give to Nicole for how he sustained his injuries?
(a) Falling on ice
(b) Falling down some steps
(c) A minor car accident
(d) Helping a drunk friend in Rome

12. What do both Dick and Nicole realize now?
(a) They want to separate for awhile.
(b) Their marriage is truly over.
(c) They want to rekindle their love.
(d) They never really loved each other.

13. Why does Dick return to America?
(a) To buy real estate
(b) To attend his father's funeral
(c) To buy a new wardrobe for Nicole
(d) To attend a college reunion

14. Where does Dick next see Rosemary?
(a) Rome
(b) Naples
(c) Venice
(d) Florence

15. Where does Dick actually go?
(a) Munich
(b) Paris
(c) Moscow
(d) Bonn

Short Answer Questions

1. Who visits Nicole when Dick goes to Provence?

2. What news does Dick receive via telegram?

3. Who brings up the topic of their dysfunctional marriage?

4. What musical instrument does Dick play?

5. What happens in spite of Beth's misgivings?

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