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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Rosemary meet to discuss a movie?
(a) Campion
(b) Barban
(c) Mr. Brady
(d) Dick Diver

2. What does Rosemary discover when she returns to her room?
(a) Her watch has been stolen.
(b) A dead Negro man is stretched out on her bed.
(c) Dick is waiting for her.
(d) The maid has turned down her bed.

3. What does Abe say is the best thing to have?
(a) Napoleonic brandy
(b) sycophants
(c) good cigars
(d) custom suits

4. From where did Dick receive a medical degree?
(a) Harvard University
(b) Yale University
(c) Johns Hopkins University
(d) Columbia University

5. What does Abe spend the day doing?
(a) Drinking
(b) Playing tennis
(c) Playing golf
(d) Gambling

6. What does Rosemary do at the Newfoundland memorial?
(a) Leaves flowers
(b) Bows her head
(c) Signs the guest book
(d) Bursts into tears

7. What do Dick and Rosemary do in the taxi?
(a) Talk
(b) Stare
(c) Kiss
(d) Pout

8. Who is the police sergeant looking for when he comes to Nicole's room?
(a) Abe North
(b) Rosemary
(c) Dick
(d) Early Brady

9. What does Dick do when he realizes Rosemary is not at the studio?
(a) He leaves a message for her.
(b) He hangs around waiting for her.
(c) He phones her.
(d) He returns to his hotel.

10. What place reminds Rosemary of Hollywood?
(a) La Turbie
(b) Cannes
(c) Monte Carlo
(d) Saint Tropez

11. Who is Rosemary jealous of for the first time in her life?
(a) Her mother
(b) Mrs. North
(c) Nicole
(d) Her best friend

12. What does Rosemary think of back at her hotel?
(a) What it would be like to kiss Dick
(b) Going to Paris
(c) Awards ceremoney at Cannes
(d) A new dress for a party

13. Which character leaves for war the next day?
(a) Earl Brady
(b) Tommy Barban
(c) Dick Diver
(d) Campion

14. Who approaches Abe to see if he will speak to Jules Peterson?
(a) Dick
(b) The chasseur
(c) Rosemary
(d) Nicole

15. What does Dick consider to be his experience level with women?
(a) Adequate
(b) Very little
(c) Advanced
(d) None

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Dick go after lunch with Clay?

2. What is the date of the opening passage?

3. What does Dick realize after talking to Clay Collis about Rosemary?

4. Who does Rosemary go with to witness the answer to #28?

5. What does Nicole sew for Dick?

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