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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Rosemary overhear declaring their love and passion for each other?
(a) Dick and Nicole
(b) Mr. and Mrs. North
(c) Nicole and Early Brady
(d) Mr. and Mrs. McKisco

2. Who accompanies Nicole when she meets with Dick?
(a) Franz Gregorovius
(b) Dr. Dohmler
(c) Mr. Warren
(d) The Senora

3. What does Abe spend the day doing?
(a) Gambling
(b) Playing golf
(c) Drinking
(d) Playing tennis

4. What does Rosemary think of back at her hotel?
(a) Awards ceremoney at Cannes
(b) What it would be like to kiss Dick
(c) A new dress for a party
(d) Going to Paris

5. What is the tradition between Dick and Nicole?
(a) Dick orders for both of them
(b) Dick is in charge of romance
(c) Never be too tired for anything
(d) Always compliment the other

6. Who is the pathologist that Dick visits in Zurich?
(a) Albert Einstein
(b) Sigmund Freud
(c) Carl Jung
(d) Franz Gregorovius

7. What does Dick do without Nicole's consent?
(a) Buys a new wardrobe
(b) Buys a new car
(c) Arranges a dinner party
(d) Changes their hotel reservation

8. On what had Rosemary's mother spent everything her husbands had left her?
(a) Rosemary's education
(b) Vacation homes
(c) Jewelry
(d) Cars

9. Who is the police sergeant looking for when he comes to Nicole's room?
(a) Dick
(b) Early Brady
(c) Abe North
(d) Rosemary

10. What does Nicole do when the group returns to Paris?
(a) Invites everyone to dinner
(b) Goes to the hotel
(c) Buys drinks for everyone
(d) Suggests she and Dick go dancing

11. Why does Rosemary invite Dick into her room?
(a) To show him the view
(b) To get his opinion on a script
(c) To make love to him
(d) To show him her jewelry

12. How old was Nicole when her mother died?
(a) 21
(b) 18
(c) 11
(d) 16

13. Everyone agrees that at 18, ____________________.
(a) nothing matters
(b) everything is larger than life
(c) life is just beginning
(d) everything matters

14. Who does Rosemary find sobbing on the terrace of the hotel?
(a) Abe North
(b) Dick Driver
(c) Luis Campion
(d) Earl Brady

15. What does Rosemary discover when she returns to her room?
(a) The maid has turned down her bed.
(b) Her watch has been stolen.
(c) Dick is waiting for her.
(d) A dead Negro man is stretched out on her bed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the exploiters?

2. What is Dick's professional goal?

3. What is the nature of Jules Peterson's business?

4. Who shows up at the train station to bid Abe goodbye?

5. What does Rosemary reveal to Dick when they are alone?

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