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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 22 | Book 2, Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Dick and Nicole plan for this evening?
(a) Dinner and a play
(b) Dinner and drinks
(c) Dinner and a concert
(d) Dinner and a movie

2. How long is Nicole's father required to stay away from her according to Franz Gregorovius?
(a) 18 months
(b) 2 years
(c) 1 year
(d) 5 years

3. Who are the first guests to arrive at Dick's party?
(a) Rosemary and her mother
(b) Mr. and Mrs. McKisco
(c) Earl Brady and Campion
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Abe North

4. With whom does Rosemary fall in love?
(a) Campion
(b) Barban
(c) Dick Diver
(d) Abe North

5. On what had Rosemary's mother spent everything her husbands had left her?
(a) Jewelry
(b) Cars
(c) Vacation homes
(d) Rosemary's education

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Dick actually go?

2. Where does Rosemary say is the only place she can get any privacy?

3. What does Beth ask Dick about a property of her mother's?

4. Where does Rosemary take Dick the next day?

5. What is Dick's special quality?

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