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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 25 | Book 2, Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Dick and Rosemary do in the taxi?
(a) Stare
(b) Pout
(c) Talk
(d) Kiss

2. What does the answer to #31 take with him to the event?
(a) A movie camera
(b) A jacket
(c) A doctor
(d) Aspirin

3. Who does Rosemary find sobbing on the terrace of the hotel?
(a) Abe North
(b) Dick Driver
(c) Earl Brady
(d) Luis Campion

4. Why does Rosemary think her wild party wasn't fun?
(a) Her mother made her go home at midnight.
(b) Nicole spoiled all the fun.
(c) Dick wasn't there.
(d) She was not allowed any champagne.

5. Why does Abe ask if Jules is allowed in the bar?
(a) Jules is not appropriately dressed.
(b) Jules is a black man.
(c) Jules is underage.
(d) Jules has had too much to drink.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows up at the train station to bid Abe goodbye?

2. Who is Rosemary jealous of for the first time in her life?

3. What does Rosemary reveal to Dick when they are alone?

4. What do Dick and Nicole plan for this evening?

5. What does Rosemary think of back at her hotel?

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