Objects & Places from Tender Is the Night

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Gausse's Hotel - Fashionable people spend summers here and it is where the book starts.

Mother - An authoritative symbol, Rosemary admires her and would never disobey her.

The Riviera - An area in the south of France and where the book starts and the location of Gausse's Hotel.

The Transparent Swimsuit - Nicole sews this for Dick, but with skin-colored material underneath it.

La Turbie - The place they shoot movies in Monte Carlo.

Daddy's Girl - The movie that made Rosemary famous.

The Bathroom (in Villa Diana) - In here, Violet McKisco sees something that she never speaks about because people prevent her.

The Duel - This occurs between Tommy Barban and Mr. McKisco.

Compliments - Used very often by Dick to win people over, these are often not genuine, and people start to get tired of them.

Paris - After spending time in the...

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