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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the taxi driver study at Oxford?
(a) Law.
(b) Physics.
(c) Medicine.
(d) Shakespeare.

2. Where do David and Sharon find a lost cat?
(a) In Sharon's college dorm.
(b) In an alley.
(c) In a dumpster.
(d) In some blackberry bushes.

3. What does Sharon give David for his fortieth birthday?
(a) A Tarot card reading.
(b) A T-shirt referring to the lost cat.
(c) A painting.
(d) A set of golf clubs.

4. How long has it been since the taxi driver in "Flight Patterns" has seen his children?
(a) One year.
(b) Many years.
(c) Two years.
(d) One month.

5. Whose music is William listening to at the beginning of "Flight Patterns"?
(a) Patsy Cline's music.
(b) The Rolling Stones' music.
(c) The Beatles' music.
(d) Madonna's music.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of mental problem does Jackson have?

2. How much money does Jackson initially have for redeeming the pow-wow regalia?

3. How much money does Jackson win at the lottery?

4. What does the taxi driver say when passengers ask him if he's East Coast or West Coast?

5. What do Estelle and her son frequently forget?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Do You Know Where I Am?", what is David's family background and is it the stereotypical background for an Indian?

2. With their education and prosperity, David and Sharon are well assimilated into mainstream American culture. Does "Do You Know Where I Am?" contain examples of the effects of Native American culture in their lives?

3. Describe what Sharon and David do with their children on the day Sharon confesses her infidelity and what it indicates about Sharon and David's relationship.

4. Why does Estelle's son say he doesn't know what an Indian is supposed to be?

5. What is William's relationship with his wife in "Flight Patterns"?

6. What is Jackson's relationship with Kay?

7. Why does Estelle Walks Above change her name?

8. Why does Jackson consider himself an "effective" homeless man?

9. Describe Jackson's relationship with Officer Williams in "What You Pawn, I Will Redeem."

10. How does the title of the story "Do You Know Where I Am?" relate to the story?

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