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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the man in "Do Not Go Gentle" when he falls into a waking sleep?
(a) A church pew.
(b) The hospital bathroom.
(c) His son's bedside.
(d) A shaman's tipi.

2. What happens to the man's infant son at the beginning of "Do Not Go Gentle"?
(a) He suffocates in his crib.
(b) He falls down stairs.
(c) He is in a car accident.
(d) He has a seizure.

3. At the end of "The Search Engine," what does Corliss ask Harlan Atwater for that he does not give her?
(a) Money.
(b) Romance.
(c) A critique of poetry she's written.
(d) His real name.

4. Who is the woman unable to find at the beginning of "Can I Get a Witness?"
(a) Her waiter.
(b) Her boss.
(c) Her sons.
(d) Her husband.

5. How many other published Spokane Indian poets are there in "The Search Engine" besides Harlan Atwater?
(a) Zero.
(b) One hundred.
(c) A dozen.
(d) Two.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Richard's career goals?

2. Why doesn't Corliss own her own computer?

3. What is the woman who is the main character of "Can I Get a Witness?" doing at the beginning of the story?

4. What are the parents in "Do Not Go Gentle" and the other parents in the hospital sick and tired of?

5. To what kind of dinner is Richard invited?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the touches of humor in "Can I Get a Witness?"

2. What is Richard's relationship with Teresa and how does it compare with what he wishes it was?

3. How does Richard in "Lawyer's League" describe himself?

4. Who is Mr. Grief in "Do Not Go Gentle"?

5. What does Richard think most Native American politicians are like?

6. Do you think the woman in "Can I Get a Witness" is thinking clearly after the bombing, or do you think her head injury affects her speech and behavior?

7. What Native American healing traditions do the parents of the dying baby in "Do Not Go Gentle" bring into the hospital?

8. How is it ironic that Bill is the only prosecutor in the lawyer's basketball league?

9. What are the similarities between the man and woman who meet after the bombing in "Can I Get a Witness"?

10. How does Corliss differ from the rest of her family?

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