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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sharon confess to David one night in "Do You Know Where I Am?"
(a) She has gambled their mortgage money away.
(b) She's an alcoholic.
(c) She's been fired from her job.
(d) She's had an affair.

2. What does Marie want William to do instead of catch his plane?
(a) Go fishing.
(b) Quit his job.
(c) Drive the kids to school.
(d) Stay in bed and make love.

3. Why is the regalia Jackson spots in the pawnshop window no longer in the possession of its rightful owner?
(a) It was stolen fifty years earlier.
(b) The original owner sold it.
(c) The original owner gave it away.
(d) The original owner pawned it.

4. What kind of Indian is David?
(a) Cherokee.
(b) Lakota.
(c) Spokane.
(d) Apache.

5. What does Estelle's son like about Indian men?
(a) Their ceremonies.
(b) Their long hair, colorful clothes, and singing and dancing.
(c) Their healing magic.
(d) Their totems.

6. What did the taxi driver study at Oxford?
(a) Medicine.
(b) Shakespeare.
(c) Law.
(d) Physics.

7. What does the taxi driver say when passengers ask him if he's East Coast or West Coast?
(a) I'm both coasts.
(b) I'm East Coast.
(c) I'm Ivory Coast.
(d) I'm West Coast.

8. Why did the taxi driver leave his birth country?
(a) He couldn't bomb his own people any more.
(b) He is on the run from the mob.
(c) He feared the poverty and disease there.
(d) He killed a man and had to flee.

9. How is Marie's hair in "Flight Patterns"?
(a) Curly.
(b) Short and neatly brushed.
(c) Always unkempt and wild.
(d) Dyed blonde.

10. Where do David and Sharon find a lost cat?
(a) In Sharon's college dorm.
(b) In an alley.
(c) In some blackberry bushes.
(d) In a dumpster.

11. Who does William call at the end of "Flight Patterns"?
(a) Fedaku.
(b) His boss.
(c) Marie.
(d) His neighbor.

12. What do Sharon's parents do for a living?
(a) They own a convenience store.
(b) They're architects.
(c) They're musicians.
(d) They're lawyers.

13. What happens to Sharon when she and David are sixty-six years old?
(a) She catches a burglar.
(b) She breaks a hip.
(c) She falls in love with another man.
(d) She develops a terminal case of cancer.

14. When Sharon calls David a liar at the end of "Do You Know Where I Am?", how many times does David say he has lied to his wife?
(a) Never.
(b) Once.
(c) Countless times.
(d) Ten times.

15. Who is Estelle's son engaged to when he meets the woman he eventually marries?
(a) White Flower, a Spokane Indian woman.
(b) Mary, a Crow Indian woman.
(c) Estelle, a Spokane Indian woman.
(d) Cynthia, a liberal white woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Near the end of "The Life and Times of Estelle Walks Above," what do Estelle and her son notice on the back of the white dress of a woman walking along the street?

2. After Jackson spends his lottery winnings, who gives him another twenty-five dollars?

3. In what year does "The Life and Times of Estelle Walks Above" begin?

4. How much money does Jackson initially have for redeeming the pow-wow regalia?

5. Who gives Jackson his first twenty dollars for redeeming the pow-wow regalia from the pawn shop?

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