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Lesson 1 (from "The Search Engine")


Corliss Joseph is the protagonist of "The Search Engine." She is a nineteen-year-old Spokane Indian raised on the reservation yet she is unique among her friends and family because she likes poetry and wants to be a writer. In addition, she has gotten herself college scholarships and obtained a prep school education without attending prep school by asking prep school teachers to fax her their lesson plans and reading lists. This lesson will discuss the character of Corliss and how she exemplifies the modern Indian's conflict between Native American culture and traditions and mainstream American culture.


1. Class Discussion: Who is the protagonist of "The Search Engine"? What makes Corliss unique or different from her friends and family members? Does Corliss feel like she fits in with other Indians? Why or why not? Does she feel entirely at home with white people? Why or why not...

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