Ten Little Indians Character Descriptions

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Corliss Joseph in The Search Engine

This character is a nineteen-year-old student at Washington State University and a Spokane Indian who desires to become a writer and poet.

Harlan Atwater in The Search Engine

The author of a promising book of self-published poetry from the 70s, this character has been consigned to the dustbin of history and to the dusty shelves of the poetry section of the WSU library.

Richard in Lawyer's League

A sort of Indian yuppie with political aspirations, this character is the child of a radical black basketball player and a Spokane Indian ballerina.

Bombing Victim in Can I Get A Witness?

This character is an anonymous fifty-year-old Spokane Indian who works as a paralegal in a Seattle law firm.

The Narrator in Do Not Go Gentle

This character buys a brown object known as Chocolate Thunder, which becomes a healing totem for the character's...

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