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"The Search Engine"

• "The Search Engine"

• Corliss Joseph is a nineteen-year-old Spokane Indian woman attending Washington State University.

• At the library, Corliss discovers a book of poems by a Spokane Indian man named Harlan Atwater.

• Fascinated by Atwater's free-verse sonnets, Corliss attempts to find information about the poet.
• In a published interview in a Seattle newspaper, Atwater discusses his tribe and Indian culture but no one Corliss questions about him has ever heard of Atwater.

• Corliss finds an old phone listing for Atwater and dials the number.

• An old man who says he is Atwater wishes Corliss well but hangs up on her.
• Corliss shows up at Atwater's house.

• To Corliss's disappointment, Atwater is short, fat, and old.

• Atwater and Corliss go to a bookstore to talk.

• Atwater tells Corliss he was raised by white adoptive parents and his poems about life as an Indian are fictional since...

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