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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Trinculo wonder about Caliban after listening to his drunken speech?
(a) Why Caliban is on the island.
(b) How quickly Caliban became drunk.
(c) How Caliban came to look the way he does.
(d) How he could have been afraid of someone so weak.

2. Miranda at first took pity on Caliban and tried to
(a) Teach him how to speak.
(b) Teach him how to read.
(c) Teach him how to sing.
(d) Teach him how to write.

3. What is Caliban happiest about after he meets Trinculo and Stephano?
(a) That he has made new friends.
(b) That he now knows what wine is.
(c) That he is free from Prospero.
(d) That the two men are not more torturous spirits.

4. What does Prospero think about Ferdinand's and Miranda's attraction to each other?
(a) That it is immoral.
(b) That it is part of his grand plan.
(c) That it is foolish.
(d) That it will destroy his grand plan.

5. What is one thing about Caliban that Stephano finds amazing?
(a) His stupidity.
(b) His garish robe.
(c) His willingness to serve.
(d) His ability to talk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What keeps Ferdinand going as he does Prospero's work?

2. What does the scene between Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban provide to the reader?

3. Who chastises Alonso for allowing his daughter to marry an African?

4. What does Prospero do at the end of Act III, Scene I?

5. Which of the lords is the only person who tries comforting Alonso, who believes his son is gone?

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