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Short Answer Questions

1. When the author and his brother lived in _____ they had a nurse who dropped her teeth at will.

2. The author's maternal grandmother was half old ____ and and half French-Swiss.

3. What is Dudley Knott's wife's name?

4. How many years after college graduation was the author ordained as a minister?

5. In the White Tower what has an heavy oak door?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the author translate his hotel dream into his real life?

2. Besides complaints about him praying in his first class at Harvard, what other surprises did the author's students give him?

3. How does the author connect his feelings to what he describes about the Tower in London?

4. Why did the author like having Dudley Knott as a friend?

5. Who goes to Bermuda with the author when he is a child and how does he describe their arrival in Bermuda?

6. When do Dudley Knott and the author become friends?

7. How did the author's kids connect him with the outside world when they were small?

8. What dream did the author have about a hotel?

9. What differences did the author write about among Union students as well as what they all shared?

10. Why does the author go to Bermuda as a child?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author introduces us to the Tower of London, specifically the the oldest part, the White Tower. What is the White Tower? Why does the author include this information in the book? How does the author connect the details he provided about the White Tower to himself, to his life?

Essay Topic 2

At the end of Part One of the book, the author talks about ministers losing themselves and setting aside their own experiences when they preach. Explain this position. Then discuss how the author views such behavior is detrimental not only to the ministers, but their congregations as well. Why does the author include these observations at this point in the book?

Essay Topic 3

The author wrote "Brendan" in 1987. How does the author describe Brendan the Navigator? Why does the author say he found another saint in reference to Brendan the Navigator? How does the author use this character and another to convey his belief that we are all crippled? Through Brendan what does the author offer as a solution to help those that are crippled?

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