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Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote "The Power and the Glory?"

2. What rubber doll did Dudley Knott carry with him everywhere?

3. The author's maternal grandmother was half old ____ and and half French-Swiss.

4. In what year was "The Sacred Journey" written?

5. According to the author what batters and shapes us in all sorts of ways?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do our other selves develop as explained in Part Two of "Telling Secrets?"

2. Besides complaints about him praying in his first class at Harvard, what other surprises did the author's students give him?

3. What can you tell about the author and his time at Union Theological Seminary?

4. How did the author's kids connect him with the outside world when they were small?

5. How did the author translate his hotel dream into his real life?

6. When do Dudley Knott and the author become friends?

7. Why did the author like having Dudley Knott as a friend?

8. Who is Naya?

9. Why does the author go to Bermuda as a child?

10. What dream did the author have about a hotel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author, in Part One, talks about loving self like you love a neighbor, also expounding on the love of God. Discuss how this information ties in with the authors warning about bleeding hearts; how he came to feel again the hush of God; and how he realized as his daughter healed, he needed healing himself because he had been "huddled" in a dark stable of his own making.

Essay Topic 2

The author taught on the east coast and in the mid-west. Explain his thoughts about each experience, using details from the book. Also, identify the major differences that existed between the two in regards to religious discussions, and the students he taught; and how these differences contributed to the author's experiences.

Essay Topic 3

The author writes his own book introduction. What does the introduction reveal about the author? What purpose for the book is explained, and why is he writing another autobiography when he has already penned two such publications? What picture does the author create for the reader about expectations for this book, as well as his state of mind about the book's content?

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