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Short Answer Questions

1. When the dwarves are offered food, what do they think it is?

2. In regards to beauty, the author's mother said you have a better chance of finding a lost cane again, than finding what?

3. What renders distinctions between past, present and future meaningless, according to the author?

4. Who made no new friends while living in New York for almost twenty years?

5. When the author's sick daughter had to be hospitalized, how many miles away was she?

Short Essay Questions

1. What illness did the author's daughter have and how did it affect her?

2. How did the author's mother's aging affect her sons' lives?

3. What did the author deal with in first two autobiographies?

4. Describe the author's mother's bedroom in her 79th street apartment.

5. How did the daughter being sick affect the author?

6. Why did the author's mother have so few friends as she got older?

7. What is the most sacred function of memory?

8. According to the author, how does memory help us finish with the past?

9. How did the author's mother's aging affect her life?

10. Why did the author feel like a dwarf as depicted in C. S. Lewis' "The Last Battle?"

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is the author's daughter sick? How did she get well? How did the increasing wellness of his daughter, help the author to realize that he was not well? How does the author explain what happens to someone who after being sick for so long is suddenly well? How does this new "freedom" affect them?

Essay Topic 2

The author writes his own book introduction. What does the introduction reveal about the author? What purpose for the book is explained, and why is he writing another autobiography when he has already penned two such publications? What picture does the author create for the reader about expectations for this book, as well as his state of mind about the book's content?

Essay Topic 3

In the Introduction, the author writes that 1) telling secrets makes it easier to see where we have been and where we are going; 2) it makes it easier for others to share their secrets; and 3) that exchanges like this is what being a family, and being human is all about. Using details from Part One, Part Two and Part Three of the book, provide details from the authors life experiences that support each of the three statements (1,2 3) above?

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