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Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is the book "Godric" dedicated?

2. Who refers to themselves as the "last rose of summer?"

3. Three acts of God mentioned by the author that appear in scripture are the Exodus, the ___, and the entry into the Promised Land.

4. Who made no new friends while living in New York for almost twenty years?

5. How many years after his father's suicide did the author write "The Return of Ansel Gibbs?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did the author's mother have so few friends as she got older?

2. How is the author's story, our story?

3. How did the author's mother's aging affect her life?

4. Why/how does the author identify with one of the stained glass images?

5. Why is the author telling his secrets?

6. According to the author, how does memory help us finish with the past?

7. How did the daughter being sick affect the author?

8. What was on the stained glass pieces in the author's office?

9. How do ministers lose touch with God?

10. What did the author deal with in first two autobiographies?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Dudley Knott? What challenges did he overcome? What types of work did he do? How did he become acquainted with the author? Why was the author astonished and delighted to know Knott? How did Knott die?

Essay Topic 2

On page 10 of the book, the author writes that "don't talk, don't trust, don't feel" is supposed to be the unwritten law of dysfunctional families. How does this "law" manifest itself in the author's life as a child when his father commits suicide, as well as in the immediate events following his father's death (e.g. the lack of a funeral, the family move out of the country, the mother's behavior, ...); and how does the "law manifest itself in later events involving the author and his brother's relationship with their mother as she aged?

Essay Topic 3

Why is the author's daughter sick? How did she get well? How did the increasing wellness of his daughter, help the author to realize that he was not well? How does the author explain what happens to someone who after being sick for so long is suddenly well? How does this new "freedom" affect them?

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