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New Jersey

This is the place where the author's father committed suicide.


This place had sweet smelling cedars, buggies, and wagons pre-WWII.


This place holds a farm where three children were raised by their mom and dad.

Harvard Divinity School

This place is known for its pluralism.

The Dwarves' Stable

This place is where characters thought they were huddled inside.

Union Theological Seminary

This is where people of different religious denominations found they had common ground and interests.

The White Tower

This place includes a Norman chapel.

Little Ease

This place is where the author felt he was in regards to his past, with not much room to break free.

Wheaton College

In this place on the west coast, the author prayed before beginning each day's work.

Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church

This was the author's favorite place to hear thoughtful biblical teaching.

The Basement Room


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