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The Dwarves in the Stable

• In the Introduction to "Telling Secrets," the author explains why telling secrets is important to us, the human family.

• He explains that the focus of his first two biographies were on the "headlines" of his life while this third autobiography, "Telling Secrets," focuses on what he calls the "interior" of his life.

• The author writes about how his life feels like a plot and not a story.
• The author begins his story with a description of his father's suicide.

• He writes about the "don't talk, trust, feel" rule in his family.

• The author explains how his mother's behavior reinforced this rule after his father's suicide.
• The author writes about his mother's last decades, which were lived out in her apartment on 79th Street.

• He describes his mother as a private person whose "business" was beauty.

• In fine detail, the author describes his mother's...

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