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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was arrested for Brandon Scope's murder?
(a) Jeremiah Renway.
(b) Larry Gandle.
(c) Helio Gonzalez.
(d) Eric Wu.

2. Who is Melvin Bartola?
(a) One of David's neighbors.
(b) David's stepfather.
(c) One of the two men found buried at Lake Charmaine.
(d) A doctor at the clinic.

3. Who does Hoyt say killed the two men after they attacked David and Elizabeth?
(a) Eric Wu.
(b) Jeremiah Renway.
(c) Kim.
(d) Hoyt.

4. Why does Elizabeth have an e-ticket for her flight to Africa rather than a regular ticket?
(a) She thinks e-tickets are cheaper.
(b) So she can check in without having to talk to anyone.
(c) She thinks e-tickets are more anonymous.
(d) So she can prove her computer knowledge to David.

5. Who is waiting for Elizabeth and David in the B&T Paint van?
(a) Hoyt and Kim.
(b) The FBI.
(c) Shauna and Lisa.
(d) Eric Wu and Larry Gandle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Hoyt tell David hired the two men who attacked David and Elizabeth at Lake Charmaine eight years earlier?

2. For whose murder do the police want to arrest David in Chapter Twenty-Three?

3. What does Elizabeth discover about Brandon Scope while working alongside him at his charity?

4. Why is David's father murdered?

5. Why do the FBI agents insist on videotaping their search of David's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What discrepancies does Carlson find in Elizabeth's autopsy file?

2. Why does Carlson start to doubt David's guilt in Rebecca murder?

3. What reason does Stone give Carlson for leaving Elizabeth's murder alone and who may have influenced this decision?

4. Who is Lisa Sherman?

5. What information does Peter Flannery reveal about Elizabeth and how does David respond to that information?

6. What alibi does David have for the night of Rebecca's murder and how does he try to prove that alibi?

7. What proposal does Hester make to District Attorney Lance Fein for clearing David of all charges?

8. What reason does Hoyt give David for taking him to Griffin Scope's house? What is his true reason?

9. When Hester calls David to alert him of his impending arrest, why doesn't David want to surrender?

10. What incriminating actions does David take in Chapter Twenty-Four to evade arrest?

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