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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who shows up at Shauna and Linda's apartment in Chapter Twenty-Two, wanting to ask them about David?
(a) Larry Gandle.
(b) Eric Wu.
(c) Two FBI agents.
(d) Sheriff Lowell and two of his deputies.

2. Who shoots and kills one of the men who helps Eric Wu abduct David?
(a) Linda.
(b) Tyrese.
(c) Latisha.
(d) David.

3. How does Eric Wu say his mother died?
(a) He poisoned her.
(b) She was hanged as a spy.
(c) She drowned.
(d) She had a stroke.

4. Who does Hoyt say killed the two men after they attacked David and Elizabeth?
(a) Jeremiah Renway.
(b) Kim.
(c) Eric Wu.
(d) Hoyt.

5. In Chapter Forty-Four, who does David ask to call Eric Wu and demand the release of Wu's kidnap victim?
(a) Hoyt.
(b) Carlson.
(c) Griffin Scope.
(d) Elizabeth.

6. Who was arrested for Brandon Scope's murder?
(a) Jeremiah Renway.
(b) Eric Wu.
(c) Helio Gonzalez.
(d) Larry Gandle.

7. To whose house does Tyrese take David in Chapter Forty-One?
(a) Melvin Bartola's.
(b) Hoyt's.
(c) Carlson's.
(d) Latisha's.

8. Where has Elizabeth been in the eight years since her supposed death?
(a) She's been living with relatives in England.
(b) She's been hiding in South America.
(c) She's been in a convent.
(d) She's been traveling and working with charities.

9. What problem does Mark develop in Chapter Twenty-Two because of the tension between Linda and Shauna?
(a) He bites other children at his nursery school.
(b) He starts sleepwalking.
(c) He won't eat.
(d) He wets the bed.

10. What emergency does T.J. have at the beginning of Chapter Twenty-Three?
(a) He bumps himself on a door and bleeds excessively.
(b) He goes into cardiac arrest.
(c) He falls down some stairs and breaks his neck.
(d) He is hit by a car.

11. Why does Elizabeth decide not to board her flight?
(a) She can't leave town until she knows David is okay.
(b) She fears Griffin Scope's thugs are on her trail.
(c) She fears another passenger on the plane recognizes her.
(d) She fears the cops are on her trail.

12. On the night of the attack on them at Lake Charmaine, what does Elizabeth think happens to David ?
(a) She thinks he drowned.
(b) She thinks Griffin Scope's thugs kidnap him.
(c) She thinks he has left her for another woman.
(d) She thinks he is shot.

13. To whom do the police give a courtesy call to announce their intent to arrest David?
(a) Linda.
(b) Hester Crimstein.
(c) Hoyt.
(d) David.

14. To where does Tyrese take David in Chapter Twenty-Six?
(a) To an abandoned warehouse.
(b) To Canada.
(c) To New Jersey.
(d) To a crack house.

15. Who does Hoyt tell David hired the two men who attacked David and Elizabeth at Lake Charmaine eight years earlier?
(a) Griffin Scope.
(b) Hoyt.
(c) Linda.
(d) Hester Crimstein.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was the person arrested for Brandon Scope's murder eventually freed?

2. When David asks Shauna to help document his alibi for his whereabouts on the night of Rebecca Schayes's murder, who does he think people at the place he was at on that night will remember seeing with him?

3. Why does Elizabeth take a taxi to the airport from the park without letting David know she is there to meet him?

4. Who moves Brandon's corpse from the place in which his murder occurred to where it is found by the police?

5. Who is Lance Fein?

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