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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word is always used in describing Griffin Scope?
(a) Ruthless.
(b) Famous.
(c) Infamous.
(d) Billionaire.

2. Whose office does David get when he dials the phone number next to the mysterious initials in Elizabeth's day planner?
(a) A personal injury attorney's office.
(b) A tax accountant's office.
(c) An obstetrician's office.
(d) A divorce attorney's office.

3. What is Kim's relationship to Elizabeth?
(a) She's Elizabeth's former college roommate.
(b) She's Elizabeth's twin sister.
(c) She's Elizabeth's mother.
(d) She's Elizabeth's best friend.

4. What do people in David's community whisper about his father, Stephen's, death?
(a) That it had been faked and Stephen was still alive.
(b) That the police had covered up the truth about it.
(c) That it was murder.
(d) That it was suicide.

5. In Chapter Fifteen, what does Larry Gandle begin to wonder about the attack on the Becks at Lake Charmaine eight years earlier?
(a) If anyone witnessed the attack.
(b) If David recognized his attackers.
(c) If David was not the only survivor.
(d) If the attackers left any evidence of their identities.

6. Who is believed to have murdered Elizabeth?
(a) A policeman.
(b) A serial killer named KillRoy.
(c) Linda.
(d) Eric Wu.

7. What kind of men does Vic Letty blackmail?
(a) Men who embezzle funds from their companies.
(b) Rich men who order pornography on cable TV.
(c) Doctors who use drugs.
(d) Politicians who are cheating on their wives.

8. In what state is Lake Charmaine located?
(a) Pennsylvania.
(b) New York.
(c) New Jersey.
(d) Alabama.

9. Who is Rebecca?
(a) Shauna's agent.
(b) Linda's hairdresser.
(c) A fashion photographer and Elizabeth's good friend.
(d) David's cousin.

10. Who offers to find David an attorney?
(a) Shauna.
(b) Tyrese.
(c) Linda.
(d) Hoyt.

11. In Chapter Two, what does Sheriff Lowell tell David and Linda has been found in the woods near Lake Charmaine?
(a) A videotape with Elizabeth on it.
(b) A woman's corpse.
(c) Elizabeth's diamond engagement ring.
(d) The corpses of two men and a bat with blood on it.

12. In Chapter Thirteen, who do Carlson and Stone tell Hoyt they think is Elizabeth's killer instead of KillRoy?
(a) David.
(b) Griffin Scope.
(c) Tyrese.
(d) Hoyt.

13. At the end of Chapter Twenty, what file does David ask Timothy Harper to have ready for him the next morning?
(a) The psychiatric file on KillRoy.
(b) The arrest file on KillRoy.
(c) The police investigation file on Elizabeth's murder.
(d) Elizabeth's autopsy file.

14. Which of the following is not a reason Carlson doubts KillRoy's guilt in Elizabeth's murder?
(a) Elizabeth has defense wounds unlike other victims.
(b) KillRoy says he's innocent.
(c) Elizabeth was branded after death unlike other victims.
(d) KillRoy got other victims in more public places than the lake.

15. From what disease does Larry Gandle suffer?
(a) Cancer.
(b) Osteoarthritis.
(c) Diabetes.
(d) Muscular Dystrophy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is hiding in the woods near Lake Charmaine because of his involvement in an explosion at Easter State University's chemistry lab years earlier?

2. Who is T. J.?

3. What does Rebecca tell David about Elizabeth's auto accident?

4. What has the man hiding in the woods near Lake Charmaine witnessed?

5. How does David help bring about Tyrese's release and prove his innocence?

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