Daily Lessons for Teaching Tell No One

Harlan Coben
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction through Chapter Five)


Introduction through Chapter Five

In the prologue or introduction of Tell No One by Harlan Coben, attorney Elizabeth Beck disappears while at Lake Charmaine with her husband David to celebrate the anniversary of their first kiss. While David swims in the lake, he hears his wife scream and realizes she's being attacked. David races back to shore but, before he can exit the lake and help Elizabeth, he is hit on the head and rendered unconscious. His last memory is that of falling back into the water convinced he's about to drown. He wakes up in the hospital several days later, not recalling how he got out of the lake alive, and learns that Elizabeth's body has been found. The branding of the letter K on her corpse indicates that serial killer Elroy Kellerton, aka KillRoy, has murdered her. This lesson will discuss the attack on...

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