Tell No One Fun Activities

Harlan Coben
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Be a Photographer

Elizabeth and David's friend Rebecca Schayes is a professional photographer. Imagine you're Rebecca and snap some pictures of flowers and plants and buildings that you think represent the novel. Share your photos with the rest of the class and indicate what ties you think each photo has to the book Tell No One.

Code a Message

Imagine you're Elizabeth and have to get a message to David indicating you're still alive. Compose a coded message that only David would understand. Share your message with the rest of the class and see if anyone can break your code.

Create a Collage

Choose any person or event from Tell No One and create a collage about that character or event.

Create a Crossword

Using names of people and/or terms from Harlan Coben's novel Tell No One, create a crossword puzzle. Share your puzzle with the rest...

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