Tell No One Character Descriptions

Harlan Coben
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Dr. David Beck

This character is the main character of the story, a pediatrician who works in a small clinic catering to the needs of the poor.

Elizabeth Parker Beck

This character is married to the protagonist and is an attorney.


This character deals in drugs and prostitution and has a child with hemophilia who is treated by the protagonist.


This is the nickname given to the serial killer who is initially believed to be responsible for the death of the protagonist's love interest.

Hoyt Beck

This character is a police detective.

Rebecca Schayes

A photographer by profession, this character was the best friend of the main character's spouse.

Hester Crimstein

This character is a ruthless attorney who constantly seeks the spotlight.


This character is the protagonist's sibling.

Larry Gandle

This character, hired to kill several people, captures the protagonist when the protagonist is on...

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