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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of greeting did those on the ship get when they arrived in the harbor?
(a) People ran away.
(b) Many people came to see them, and they were welcomed..
(c) The villagers threw things at them.
(d) No-one noticed they came in.

2. How did Therru react to seeing Ged again?
(a) She began to cry from happiness.
(b) She ran up to him and put her arms up to him.
(c) She started yelling at him.
(d) She ran away.

3. What did Tenar see on Therru's arm?
(a) A mark made from Handy's touch
(b) Scars
(c) Nothing
(d) Healing

4. What did Therru like playing with?
(a) Acorns
(b) Nothing
(c) Her rag dolls
(d) Bone figures

5. Why did Ged take the man into the village?
(a) So he could get a job
(b) So Therru wouldn't see him
(c) So the villagers could identify him
(d) So he could go shopping

Short Answer Questions

1. Who else knew that Ged had lost his powers?

2. What was Therru like on the ship?

3. How did Lebannen feel about Ged?

4. What did Moss accused the Wizard of doing?

5. What impressed the men in Ogion's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. As she left Apple's house to go to her farm, what was Tenar concerned about in regards to Therru?

2. Explain how Tenar felt about Ged's leaving.

3. Explain where Tenar and Therru took refuge.

4. Explain the significance of Ged's arrival as the men were breaking into the house.

5. Explain why Tenar went to go visit Ivy and what happened during the visit.

6. What was the Roke needs looking for, and why was it unusual?

7. Explain the shift in the relationship between Therru and Tenar after the man tried to break in.

8. Describe the greeting Aspen gave Tenar at the Lord of Re Albi's house.

9. Explain the relationship between Ged and Therru as well as the relationship between Ged and Tenar after the capture of the men.

10. Explain what happened to the men who broke into the house and what happened to Therru's mother.

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