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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Tenar decide to go to the village?
(a) She wanted to find the strange men who had eaten with them.
(b) She wanted cloth for new clothes for Therru.
(c) She needed to sell the books.
(d) They were running low on food.

2. What did Ivy think about teaching Therru?
(a) She was very exited and wanted to begin lessons immediately.
(b) She was afraid of the power in the girl and refused to teach her.
(c) She looked forward to it, but was too busy to begin immediately.
(d) She was open to testing the girl to see if she was capable of learning.

3. What was Lebannen's connection to Ged?
(a) They died together in the dark land then came across the mountains of Pain.
(b) They trained as wizards together.
(c) They were brothers.
(d) Lebannen was a mentor for Ged.

4. What does Moss say is a woman's wealth?
(a) Her work-ethic
(b) Her brain
(c) Her jewels
(d) Her reputation

5. Who helped Tenar get her house back in order?
(a) Ged
(b) Moss
(c) Lark and Apple
(d) Therru

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Tenar afraid for Therru?

2. What do they feel the new king's reign might signify?

3. What impressed the men in Ogion's house?

4. What job did Ged have on the farm?

5. What did the sailor give to Therru?

Short Essay Questions

1. As she left Apple's house to go to her farm, what was Tenar concerned about in regards to Therru?

2. Explain where Tenar and Therru took refuge.

3. Townsend came to see if Tenar wanted to sell the goats, but there was something else he wanted. What was it?

4. Why wouldn't the people at the port the happy about the new king and his ships?

5. Explain the significance of Ged's arrival as the men were breaking into the house.

6. Describe what Tenar sees behind the fan in the weaver's shop.

7. Describe Ged's reaction to the news about the king and the ship.

8. Explain this state of Ged's mind according to Moss.

9. Explain the shift in the relationship between Therru and Tenar after the man tried to break in.

10. Explain what that meant from Havnor wanted and how Tenar reacted to that.

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