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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Did women of magic have to give up what the men do for power?
(a) No, but they must perform a special ritual.
(b) Yes
(c) Only if the man they are with is a wizard
(d) No

2. How does Ged feel about the king?
(a) He can't wait to see him again.
(b) He views the king like a son.
(c) He's not ready to face him.
(d) He is angry at the king.

3. How did Tenar feel about Old Speech?
(a) She could understand it, but she couldn't speak it.
(b) It was impossible for her to learn so she hated it.
(c) It was difficult for her to understand.
(d) It was so familiar, it was like she knew it before she was born.

4. What did Ged say women could not be?
(a) Held back
(b) Witches
(c) Mages
(d) Rulers

5. Who did Tenar mistake the young man for?
(a) Ogion
(b) Aspen
(c) Her son
(d) Ged

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ivy think about teaching Therru?

2. What does Ged want to become?

3. Why was Tenar afraid for Therru?

4. How did Therru react to seeing Ged again?

5. What did the villagers think of Ged after the incident during the night?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain where Tenar and Therru took refuge.

2. As she left Apple's house to go to her farm, what was Tenar concerned about in regards to Therru?

3. Explain why Tenar went to go visit Ivy and what happened during the visit.

4. Explain the relationship between Ged and Therru as well as the relationship between Ged and Tenar after the capture of the men.

5. Townsend came to see if Tenar wanted to sell the goats, but there was something else he wanted. What was it?

6. What did Tenar find out about the king's relationship with Ged?

7. What happened to Therru as she boarded the ship, and how did it affect her?

8. Explain what Moss believes about reputation.

9. Explain how Tenar felt about Ged's leaving.

10. Explain the shift in the relationship between Therru and Tenar after the man tried to break in.

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