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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was in Ogion's house?
(a) A group of the highest wizards in the land
(b) No-one. He sent them off.
(c) His family
(d) It seemed like the entire neighborhood showed up.

2. What did Ogion want Tenar want to do to Therru?
(a) Give her up for adoption
(b) Kill her
(c) Teach her
(d) Love her

3. What was the dragon's name?
(a) Ogion
(b) Kalessin
(c) Ged
(d) Goha

4. What was the widow called by her husband?
(a) Goha.
(b) Tenar.
(c) Therru.
(d) Dragon.

5. What did the widow say the hawk would do?
(a) Disappear
(b) Fly off for help
(c) Come back
(d) Bring life back

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Ogion's true name?

2. When did the man plan to die?

3. How did Ogion react to the people who tried to visit him?

4. Who was the witch of Re Albi?

5. What shape did Ged use to visit Ogion once?

Short Essay Questions

1. How come Tenar doesn't know much about men?

2. How did Tenar feel about staying at Ogion's after Ged came?

3. How did the widow react to the child?

4. What did Tenar do when she went back to Ogion's house? How did she feel about what she saw in the house?

5. How had Therru changed since their arrival at Ogion's?

6. Why was Ogion asking for Ged, and who was Ged?

7. How did the widow treat the child as they traveled?

8. What power did Tenar have over the local wizards?

9. Why did Moss think Ged wasn't a wizard?

10. Describe the widow's home.

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