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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Moss know when she encounters a wizard?
(a) She can see it.
(b) She can smell it.
(c) She can feel the surrounding power.
(d) She doesn't know.

2. What was the widow's daughter's name?
(a) Lark
(b) Apple
(c) Andromeda
(d) Tenar

3. What was the dragon's name?
(a) Ged
(b) Ogion
(c) Kalessin
(d) Goha

4. What was a difficulty the companion had to face on the journey?
(a) She couldn't see.
(b) She tired easily.
(c) She didn't have enough food.
(d) She missed her family.

5. How did Tenar feel about mourning?
(a) She understood it was an important process.
(b) She embraced it.
(c) She didn't mourn. It was a waste of time in her opinion.
(d) She was sick of it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had Ged been before he came to Ogion's house?

2. What tool did the widow give Therru to help her on her journey?

3. Where did Spark tell Ogion he wanted to go?

4. How did the widow react to the news that Ogion wanted her to come?

5. Where did the widow and her companion sleep at night?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the widow herself.

2. Where did Ogion want to die?

3. Why had Ogion called for Tenar?

4. How did the widow make the trip better for the child?

5. What gift did the widow have, and how was it used?

6. What did Tenar do when she went back to Ogion's house? How did she feel about what she saw in the house?

7. How did Ged feel that everything that had happened to him?

8. How did Ogion get to his place of death?

9. How did the widow treat the child as they traveled?

10. How did Tenar feel about staying at Ogion's after Ged came?

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