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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tenar think about Ged's timing for coming down the mountain?
(a) She wished he had stayed up the mountain.
(b) She was happy she had sent someone to get him.
(c) She wished he had come earlier.
(d) She felt that it meant he still had some power left in him.

2. What happened to the relationship between Ged and Tenar as they lived on the farm together?
(a) They realized they worked well together.
(b) They realized they would never be anything more than good friends.
(c) They became lovers.
(d) They frequently fought.

3. Who hunted for dinner with Therru?
(a) Tenar
(b) Heather
(c) Moss
(d) Ged

4. How did Tenar feel about coming back home?
(a) She resented the fact that she had to come back.
(b) She easily slipped back into routine.
(c) She felt the pride of ownership.
(d) She feared the isolation.

5. Where did Tenar go to seek refuge?
(a) To Gont Port
(b) To Moss' house
(c) To the forest
(d) To the village

6. What happened to Therru's blood mother?
(a) She came back for her daughter.
(b) She was beaten to death.
(c) She disappeared, and no-one knew what happened to her.
(d) She got a respectable job in the village.

7. What did the sorcerer think about Therru?
(a) He felt she had severe limitations in learning.
(b) He thought she had power in her.
(c) He was frightened by her looks.
(d) He laughed at her ineptness.

8. What impressed the men in Ogion's house?
(a) The wine
(b) The decor
(c) The conversation
(d) Tenar's powers

9. Who was to be the new Archmage of Roke?
(a) Lebannen
(b) Tenar
(c) A woman on Gont
(d) Ged

10. What did the sailor give to Therru?
(a) Some rope to practice knots
(b) A painting
(c) Magic rocks
(d) A carving of a dolphin

11. Who was Lebannen?
(a) A wizard
(b) Therru's mentor
(c) The new king
(d) Tenar's mentor

12. What do they feel the new king's reign might signify?
(a) Healing
(b) Change
(c) The beginning of desolation
(d) The end of a golden era

13. What was on the other side of the fan at the weaver's?
(a) A spell
(b) A dragon
(c) A self portrait
(d) A painting of China

14. How does Ged feel about the king?
(a) He's not ready to face him.
(b) He views the king like a son.
(c) He is angry at the king.
(d) He can't wait to see him again.

15. Why did Ged take the man into the village?
(a) So he could get a job
(b) So the villagers could identify him
(c) So Therru wouldn't see him
(d) So he could go shopping

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Tenar decide to go to the village?

2. Why was Tenar afraid for Therru?

3. What was Therru like on the ship?

4. Why was Therru hiding?

5. What did Tenar tell Lebannen about what happened to her?

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