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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to the man who wanted to check on Therru?
(a) He was killed.
(b) He ran away when the other man was stabbed by pitchfork.
(c) He saw that she was fine.
(d) He was invited in for dinner.

2. Who else knew that Ged had lost his powers?
(a) Moss
(b) No-one else knew
(c) The local wizards
(d) The king

3. Why did Ged take the man into the village?
(a) So the villagers could identify him
(b) So Therru wouldn't see him
(c) So he could go shopping
(d) So he could get a job

4. What did Tenar tell Lebannen about Ged?
(a) She said she didn't know where he was.
(b) She said Ged was in training.
(c) She said Ged was eager to cast spells for the king.
(d) She told him Ged no longer had powers.

5. Where did Tenar tell Lebannen she was going?
(a) To her farm
(b) To Roke
(c) To Lotin
(d) To the hills

6. Why did Tenar decide to go to the village?
(a) She wanted to find the strange men who had eaten with them.
(b) They were running low on food.
(c) She wanted cloth for new clothes for Therru.
(d) She needed to sell the books.

7. Who was Lebannen?
(a) Therru's mentor
(b) The new king
(c) A wizard
(d) Tenar's mentor

8. Who hunted for dinner with Therru?
(a) Tenar
(b) Ged
(c) Moss
(d) Heather

9. What happened when Tenar tried to sleep?
(a) She was drawn to Therru's room.
(b) She had nightmares.
(c) She couldn't get comfortable.
(d) She could hear men trying to break into the house.

10. What happened to the relationship between Ged and Tenar as they lived on the farm together?
(a) They realized they would never be anything more than good friends.
(b) They realized they worked well together.
(c) They frequently fought.
(d) They became lovers.

11. How did Aspen treat Tenar?
(a) He followed her everywhere she went.
(b) He insulted her.
(c) He refused to talk with her.
(d) He treated her with great respect.

12. What did the villagers think of Ged after the incident during the night?
(a) They laughed at him.
(b) They had a new respect for him.
(c) They were afraid of him.
(d) They shunned him.

13. What did Therru do during the winter months?
(a) She memorized the stories told to her.
(b) She learned to knit.
(c) She carved bone figures.
(d) She sank into a depression.

14. What did the man who came to Ogion's house want to buy?
(a) Milk
(b) The goats
(c) Wine
(d) Books

15. What is the name of the man with the leather cap?
(a) Goha
(b) Handy
(c) Havnor
(d) Aspen

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Tenar feel about her power?

2. What impressed the men in Ogion's house?

3. What does Tenar do to Moss that she never has done before?

4. What was going to happen to the men who were coming after Therru?

5. What gossip did the man bring?

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