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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Tenar feel about mourning?
(a) She embraced it.
(b) She understood it was an important process.
(c) She was sick of it.
(d) She didn't mourn. It was a waste of time in her opinion.

2. Who did the burned child belong to?
(a) No-one knew - they had no history of the child.
(b) Tenar and her husband
(c) Tramps
(d) The king

3. What is in a true name according to the widow?
(a) Your true self
(b) Your future
(c) Your past
(d) Your kinship to nature

4. What shape did Ged use to visit Ogion once?
(a) A falcon
(b) A woman
(c) A mouse
(d) A lion

5. What happened to the tramps after they burned the child?
(a) They felt guilty and turned themselves in.
(b) They were imprisoned.
(c) They were killed.
(d) They left with all their belongings. They left the child alone and burning.

6. What was the widow's husband's name?
(a) Raven
(b) Ogion
(c) Cole
(d) Flint

7. Where did Spark tell Ogion he wanted to go?
(a) Out to sea
(b) On a quest
(c) On a ride on the back of a dragon
(d) To the woods

8. Where had Ged been before he came to Ogion's house?
(a) Far west
(b) Far north
(c) Far east
(d) Far south

9. What did Ogion do the day he died?
(a) He had a ritual bath.
(b) He wrote down his favorite spells for Tenar to use.
(c) He wrote a final letter to Ged.
(d) He walked outdoors.

10. What did Ogion tell Tenar before he died?
(a) His favorite spell
(b) His secret hiding place for his money
(c) His name
(d) His son's name

11. Who is Ogion?
(a) A wizard
(b) A cousin
(c) An old schoolmate
(d) A merchant

12. What did Ogion want Tenar want to do to Therru?
(a) Love her
(b) Give her up for adoption
(c) Kill her
(d) Teach her

13. Which of the following was one of Aunty Moss' skills?
(a) Basket making
(b) Communications
(c) Matchmaking
(d) Detailed sorcery

14. What was Ogion in relation to the widow?
(a) Nobody
(b) He was her adoptive father.
(c) Her son
(d) Her cousin

15. Who was the witch of Re Albi?
(a) Tenar
(b) Lark
(c) Therru
(d) Aunty Moss

Short Answer Questions

1. What woke Tenar on her first morning at Ogion's?

2. What fruit did Therru find in Ogion's yard?

3. Where did Ged sleep?

4. What did the widow give the history of as she and the companion walked?

5. How did Tenar get Ged to the house?

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