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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Ged think Tenar should take with her when she went back to her house?
(a) The dragon fan
(b) The Ring
(c) Ogion's staff
(d) Ogion's books

2. What was Therru's singing like?
(a) She had an incredibly sweet singing voice.
(b) She always sang off-tune.
(c) She had an abrasive, loud singing voice.
(d) She couldn't sing at all.

3. Who was Ogion's last prentice?
(a) Tenar
(b) Ged
(c) Moss
(d) Therru

4. How did Tenar feel about her marriage?
(a) She felt she lived well.
(b) She regretted it.
(c) It was forced on her, and she felt resentful.
(d) She felt as if she lost her sense of self in marriage.

5. How did Ged react to Tenar when he work up?
(a) He tried to embrace her.
(b) He called her by name.
(c) He fought her.
(d) He tried to get away from her.

6. What did Tenar show the people when she originally arrived in Havnor?
(a) Her light-colored hair
(b) The Ring
(c) A magic trick
(d) A letter from the king

7. What did Moss tell Therru about?
(a) Illness
(b) Dragons
(c) The dangers of the strangers in the land
(d) The history of the town

8. How did Tenar and Moss get along as Ogion died?
(a) They ignored each other.
(b) They hated each other.
(c) Their friendship was fake.
(d) They were friends.

9. What was Ogion's house like when they arrived?
(a) It was a pit of filth.
(b) It was crowded with well-wishers.
(c) It was very welcoming.
(d) The fire was out, but Ogion greeted them from his mattress on the floor.

10. Who is Ogion?
(a) A cousin
(b) A wizard
(c) A merchant
(d) An old schoolmate

11. Why was Tenar still at Ogion's house?
(a) He had told her to wait.
(b) Moss needed her.
(c) It was more comfortable than her own home.
(d) She had to stay there to train to be a wizard.

12. Where did Ged sleep?
(a) On Ogion's bed
(b) He slept with Tenar.
(c) He slept outdoors with the goats.
(d) On the edge of the cliff.

13. What fruit did Therru find in Ogion's yard?
(a) Pineapples
(b) Peaches
(c) Apples
(d) Pears

14. What did the widow give the history of as she and the companion walked?
(a) The history of her companion's life
(b) The history of the land they lived in
(c) The history of her life
(d) She gave the story of the history of dragons.

15. Where was the widow's son?
(a) He stayed at home and never left.
(b) He was out at sea.
(c) He was out hunting.
(d) He was in his law office.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Ogion do the day he died?

2. What did the dragon bring?

3. What did Therru lose?

4. What did the widow own?

5. How did Tenar feel about mourning?

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