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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Lark come to the widow?
(a) She wanted to show her some plants she found.
(b) She wanted her to go to a burned child.
(c) She wanted to catch up on gossip.
(d) She wanted to bring her food.

2. Where did Spark tell Ogion he wanted to go?
(a) Out to sea
(b) On a quest
(c) To the woods
(d) On a ride on the back of a dragon

3. How did the widow react to the news that Ogion wanted her to come?
(a) She ignored the messenger.
(b) She sent a message back that she would visit in her own time.
(c) She prepared to leave immediately.
(d) She yelled at the messenger.

4. What did Moss tell Therru about?
(a) The dangers of the strangers in the land
(b) Dragons
(c) Illness
(d) The history of the town

5. How did Moss treat Therru?
(a) She cursed her for her deformity.
(b) She expected the child to act as a servant.
(c) She blessed the child.
(d) She immediately accepted her and began teaching her.

6. What was the widow's daughter's name?
(a) Andromeda
(b) Lark
(c) Apple
(d) Tenar

7. What was Ogion in relation to the widow?
(a) Nobody
(b) Her son
(c) He was her adoptive father.
(d) Her cousin

8. What was the widow's husband's name?
(a) Raven
(b) Flint
(c) Cole
(d) Ogion

9. Why did the messenger come to the widow more than a year after she went to the burned child?
(a) He was looking for the child.
(b) The Mage of Re Albi wanted her to come.
(c) He had a message from the dragons.
(d) He warned her to stay home.

10. Where did the widow and child travel?
(a) On the ocean
(b) They traveled into the foothills of Gont Mountain.
(c) Across Oak Hill
(d) Across the desert

11. How did the widow ease the child's difficulties along the way?
(a) She told her stories to keep the companion's mind off her tiredness.
(b) She made a map.
(c) She taught her which berries to pick.
(d) She rented a buggy.

12. Why did her husband's name suit her so well?
(a) She could fly.
(b) She was white-skinned and always spinning.
(c) She was one with the animals in the woods.
(d) She was a ray of light.

13. What was Therru's singing like?
(a) She had an abrasive, loud singing voice.
(b) She always sang off-tune.
(c) She couldn't sing at all.
(d) She had an incredibly sweet singing voice.

14. What did the widow give the history of as she and the companion walked?
(a) The history of her life
(b) The history of her companion's life
(c) She gave the story of the history of dragons.
(d) The history of the land they lived in

15. Who was Ogion's last prentice?
(a) Therru
(b) Tenar
(c) Moss
(d) Ged

Short Answer Questions

1. Where had Ged been before he came to Ogion's house?

2. Who did the burned child belong to?

3. Where was Ogion buried?

4. What did Tenar prepare to sell in town?

5. Why was Tenar still at Ogion's house?

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