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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tenar show the people when she originally arrived in Havnor?
(a) A magic trick
(b) Her light-colored hair
(c) A letter from the king
(d) The Ring

2. How did Tenar get Ged to the house?
(a) She called on her friends to help her.
(b) She used a spell.
(c) She made him walk.
(d) She couldn't so she left him on the cliff.

3. What did the widow say the hawk would do?
(a) Disappear
(b) Come back
(c) Fly off for help
(d) Bring life back

4. What was Therru's singing like?
(a) She always sang off-tune.
(b) She couldn't sing at all.
(c) She had an abrasive, loud singing voice.
(d) She had an incredibly sweet singing voice.

5. How did Ged react to Tenar when he work up?
(a) He fought her.
(b) He tried to embrace her.
(c) He tried to get away from her.
(d) He called her by name.

6. Why did Lark come to the widow?
(a) She wanted her to go to a burned child.
(b) She wanted to bring her food.
(c) She wanted to show her some plants she found.
(d) She wanted to catch up on gossip.

7. Who was in Ogion's house?
(a) No-one. He sent them off.
(b) A group of the highest wizards in the land
(c) It seemed like the entire neighborhood showed up.
(d) His family

8. Where did Sparrowhawk spend hours as he was healing?
(a) In the house
(b) At Ogion's grave
(c) In the garden
(d) Swimming in the sea

9. When did the man plan to die?
(a) That evening
(b) After Ged returned
(c) He had no control over his death.
(d) The next day

10. How old was the burned child according to Lark?
(a) 2 or 3
(b) 6 or 7
(c) 4 or 5
(d) 12 or 13

11. How does Moss know when she encounters a wizard?
(a) She doesn't know.
(b) She can feel the surrounding power.
(c) She can see it.
(d) She can smell it.

12. How did Tenar and Moss get along 25 years prior to Ogion's death?
(a) They ignored each other.
(b) They hated each other.
(c) They were immediate best friends.
(d) There was a false acceptance between the two.

13. What did Ogion tell Tenar before he died?
(a) His secret hiding place for his money
(b) His name
(c) His favorite spell
(d) His son's name

14. Who did the burned child belong to?
(a) Tramps
(b) No-one knew - they had no history of the child.
(c) Tenar and her husband
(d) The king

15. What happened to Therru when she was overtired?
(a) She would cry.
(b) She became loopy.
(c) She couldn't sleep.
(d) She could sleep anywhere.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Tenar see as she gazed over the sea?

2. What did Ogion want Tenar want to do to Therru?

3. What did Therru lose?

4. What was the widow's husband's name?

5. What was Ogion in relation to the widow?

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