Objects & Places from Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea

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Ogion has these from which he would teach his pupils the Language of the Making and stories of Earthsea.

Peach Pit

Therru buries this with the hope of growing something in Ogion's yard.

Red Dress

Tenar makes Therru this from material the weaver of Re Albi gave her. Therru feels it does not hide the hideousness of her scars.


Ged uses this to injure one of the tramps who have come to kidnap Therru and finish what they started the day she was burned.

Ogion's Shaft

Ogion had this object which he used in the making of spells. It was left behind in his home after his death and Tenar's decision to return to her farm.


Ogion had these when he died. Tenar keeps them with the help of the tender.

Oak Springs

This is the name of the farm on which Tenar lived with...

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