Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea Fun Activities

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Make a Map

Use clay to make a map of the land in which Tenar lived. Show the water regions, the farm regions, and the mountains. Don't forget to add the roads she traveled.

Benefits for Burn Victims

Tenar felt an immediate bond with the burned Therru. Her love helped save the child. Find some news articles depicting people in dire situations who were saved by love.

Drama of the Dragons

Create a skit depicting the history of the dragons. Show how they split into two groups.

The Name Game

Create special names for each other anonymously then read the names aloud and see if you can figure out who belongs to what name.

Plant a Peach

Grow some plants as a class project. If possible try growing a peach tree from a peach pit like Therru did.

Create a Dragon

Make a paper mache dragon similar to...

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