Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea Character Descriptions

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Tenar or Goha

This character is the widow of the farmer, Flint. This character has become a middle-aged woman in this book and adopted a young tramp child who was raped, beaten, and burned by her parents and their friends.

Ged or Sparrowhawk

This character was once a young man who was an apprentice of the Mage of Gont then the Archmage of Roke.

Therru or Tehanu

This character is a young child who was found burned by a group of tramps. This character is one of a rare group of people who are dragons and live as humans in order to learn all they can.


This character is the Mage of Gont. He lives isolated on top of a mountain known as the Overfell.


This character is the witch of Re Albi, the village near Ogion's home. She befriends Tenar and becomes almost a mother...

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