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A Bad Thing and Going to the Falcon's Nest

• The widow is getting used to life on her own after her husband dies.
• Her friend calls her to check on a child who was beaten and burned.
• Tenar bonds with the child.
• Over a year after meeting the burned child, Tenar finds out that Ogion is dying and is calling for her.

• Tenar and the child travel to Ogion.

• Tenar tells Therru stories as they walk, including a story on the history of dragons.
• They woman and child meet menacing men on the road, but get by.

• They arrive at Ogion's house.

Ogion and Kalessin

• Ogion is alone and dying when they see him.

• He is happy to see Tenar and asks after Ged.

• Ogion turns villagers away.
• Ogion tells Tenar to teach Tharru, but not to send her to Roke.

• Ogion goes to the forest with Tenar...

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