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Alexander McCall Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of ring is Matekoni expected to buy?
(a) Gold.
(b) Diamond.
(c) Silver.
(d) Copper.

2. What did the woman in the story Matekoni learns about two orphans give birth to?
(a) A daughter.
(b) A monster.
(c) A dead baby.
(d) A son.

3. Where do Matekoni and Ramotswe decide to get married?
(a) The templar.
(b) The cathedral.
(c) The temple.
(d) The avenue.

4. What is the name of the maid currently working in the house who takes advantage of the owner?
(a) Pezo.
(b) Florence.
(c) Abigail.
(d) Ramotswe.

5. What does Potokwane suggest as a wedding gift for Ramotswe?
(a) 2 iguanas.
(b) 2 kittens.
(c) 2 orphans.
(d) 2 dogs.

6. Who had promised the children they would be taken care of?
(a) Peco.
(b) Maketoni.
(c) Ramotswe.
(d) Florence.

7. Who took the two orphans to Nyanyabwe Hospital?
(a) A nurse.
(b) A government truck worker.
(c) A writer.
(d) An ambulance worker.

8. What farm does Matekoni drive to?
(a) Pear.
(b) Apple.
(c) Nomad.
(d) Orphan.

9. When his fiance is out at the farm, Maketoni visits people who need help doing what?
(a) Offering advice.
(b) Repairing the pump.
(c) Making food.
(d) Answering phones.

10. What did the woman in the story Matekoni learns about two orphans die of?
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) Diarrhea.
(c) A snake bite.
(d) Childbirth.

11. Whose maid does the engaged couple want to retain for their house?
(a) Matekoni's.
(b) Pezo's.
(c) Ramotswe's.
(d) Florence's.

12. Whose office do the two orphans go to when Maketoni offers to take them?
(a) Florence's.
(b) Potsane's.
(c) Ramotswe's.
(d) Potokwane's.

13. Where does Ramotswe want to live?
(a) Her Giraffe Drive house.
(b) His Zebra Drive house.
(c) Her Zebra Drive house.
(d) His Giraffe Drive house.

14. What kind of furniture does Matekoni fix at the farm?
(a) A couch.
(b) A wheelchair.
(c) A bookshelf.
(d) A table.

15. What does Matekoni and Ramotswe agree cannot expect in Gaberone?
(a) Lies.
(b) Flags.
(c) Balloons.
(d) Secrets.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Maketoni that she drove by his house to see where he would be living?

2. What is Ramotswe's secretary's name?

3. Why does the secretary feel resentful about her office at the detective agency?

4. What disease damaged the bones of the girl, preventing her from walking prior to going to the farm?

5. What did one of the secretary's classmates at school say the men who hired them were not interested in?

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