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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Col. Purdy tells Capt. McLean that he will be leaving, how does Capt. McLean describe what will happen to his plant?
(a) They will rot.
(b) They will all dry up.
(c) They will be murdered.
(d) They will outgrow their area.

2. When Lotus Blossom asks Fisby if she can marry someone else, what does he tell her?
(a) That she must ask her father.
(b) That it is her decision.
(c) That she must ask the Geisha guild.
(d) That he will think about it.

3. What does Lotus Blossom believe happens in American factories?
(a) The machines make goods 10 times faster than hand-made.
(b) The unions run the mills and the workers are treated well.
(c) The workers are treated poorly.
(d) People sit around and drink tea while machines make goods.

4. What is the Haitian word for sweet potato?
(a) Potay.
(b) Ba bay.
(c) Patat.
(d) Batata.

5. What do all the villagers do when Col. Purdy enters after the wrestling match?
(a) They all run away.
(b) They yell at him.
(c) They block him.
(d) They continue singing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many lectures has Fisby given to the village children on Democratic Theory?

2. What is Fisby going to call his new liquor company?

3. Who is the winner of the wrestling match?

4. What will be the name of the street the teahouse sits on?

5. What does Fisby find in the corner of his office that he cups in his hands?

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