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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When concerned about Fisby, what does the Col. ask Fisby about his medication?
(a) If he is taking aspirin.
(b) If he is taking his salt pills.
(c) If he is drinking water with his pills.
(d) If he is taking vitamins.

2. When Fisby tries to give a lecture to the crowd, Sakini stops him and explains that the villagers want to do something first. What?
(a) Ask about the school.
(b) Ask about America.
(c) Talk to Fisby.
(d) Give Fisby gifts.

3. When, according to Col. Purdy, will US troops be out of Okinawa?
(a) By the next year.
(b) By the next generation.
(c) In 100 years.
(d) In five years.

4. Whom is Col. Purdy sending to check up on Fisby?
(a) Another nearby Colonel.
(b) Army intelligence.
(c) A psychiatrist.
(d) Army building code officers.

5. What, according to Fisby, does Congress not have any control over?
(a) Children playing.
(b) Teahouses.
(c) Willow trees..
(d) Goats breeding.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the children want to see on the trip?

2. What is Col. Purdy looking for as Act 1, Scene 1 ends?

3. Which villager speaks English other than Sakini?

4. Who does Purdy believe wrote the "Tale of Two Cities"?

5. What is Lotus Blossom doing when Col. Purdy calls at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sakini explain what a Geisha does? Does this information change Fisby's mind?

2. Why is McLean upset about being sent away? How does he view what will happen to his plants?

3. What do you think is the difference between the goods made by the villagers and those sold in the 5&10 cent stores? Discuss machine vs. handmade.

4. What does Col. Purdy explain to Fisby about America's involvement in expansion? When does Purdy think America's troops will be gone from Okinawa? How does this affect his state-of-mind as far as responsibility goes?

5. How does Col. Purdy compare Fisby to Major McEvoy? What has Major McEvoy done in his village that the Col. admires? Why?

6. What does Fisby say to the villagers after their failure selling their good? Why does he want them to be proud of their work? Why is their work different?

7. The poles surrounding the wresting pen have different colored cloth on each of them. What do the colors symbolize? What does this tell us about the culture of the villagers?

8. Why does Lotus Blossom want to go to America? How does she see the country? What does Fisby think would be her reality?

9. What are the villagers going to do with all the money they make selling their brandy? Why is it important to wear white coats? What is the white coat a symbol of for the people of Okinawa?

10. What is the subtitle of Plan B? What is funny about the title? Why?

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