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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Capt. McLean say chemicals on plants will do?
(a) They put nitrogen in the soil.
(b) They will kill the earthworms.
(c) They are good for the plants.
(d) They will kill the plants.

2. What really happened to the teahouse at the end of the play?
(a) The villagers moved it to another village.
(b) The villagers hid it.
(c) Fisby hid it.
(d) The villagers destroyed it themselves.

3. What did some "fool Senator" do back in Washington?
(a) He is using the village as an example of Okinawan thought and success.
(b) He is using the village as an example of the decadence of Okinawan life.
(c) He seized the village's bank account.
(d) He is using the village as an example of American "Get-up-and-go."

4. What is Lotus Blossom going to do to remember Fisby?
(a) She is going to make up a song about him to sing in the teahouse.
(b) She wants to take a picture with him.
(c) She is going to paint his picture.
(d) She is going to write to him in America.

5. What, according to Capt. McLean, do bees do?
(a) They sting children.
(b) They are important for pollination.
(c) They sing a beautiful song.
(d) They make honey.

6. What is the name of the special liquor taste tester?
(a) Elsa Maxwell.
(b) Sakini.
(c) Lady Astor.
(d) Fisby and McLean.

7. How old is the liquor?
(a) Fifty years.
(b) About a week.
(c) Five years.
(d) Ten years.

8. What does Gregovich really destroy?
(a) Water barrels.
(b) Stills.
(c) Cisterns.
(d) Large pots.

9. Why does Lotus Blossom put on a wresting match?
(a) It is Fisby's birthday.
(b) To celebrate the opening of the Teahouse.
(c) The celebrate the goods being sold at market.
(d) It is tradition.

10. What does the winner of the wresting match get?
(a) To build a house for Lotus Blossom.
(b) A free plant.
(c) To haul sweet potatoes for Lotus Blossom.
(d) To have Lotus Blossom as a Geisha.

11. What is the Haitian word for sweet potato?
(a) Ba bay.
(b) Potay.
(c) Patat.
(d) Batata.

12. When Col. Purdy tells Capt. McLean that he will be leaving, how does Capt. McLean describe what will happen to his plant?
(a) They will all dry up.
(b) They will be murdered.
(c) They will outgrow their area.
(d) They will rot.

13. What do the townspeople want to buy with the money they make from selling liquor?
(a) Another Geisha.
(b) More lumber.
(c) White coats.
(d) More stills.

14. What is the cloth that the white suits are made from?
(a) Tea cloth.
(b) Cotton.
(c) Target cloth.
(d) Linen.

15. What did the potential buyers think of the straw hats?
(a) They thought it would make them look like country singers.
(b) They thought it would make them look like "hayseed."
(c) They wanted the hats to be in different colors.
(d) They wanted a bandana around the hats for color.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is flying over to look at the village?

2. What will be the punishment for Fisby?

3. What is the significance of one of the contestant's black shorts during the wresting match?

4. When Lotus Blossom asks Fisby if she can marry someone else, what does he tell her?

5. How many lectures has Fisby given to the village children on Democratic Theory?

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