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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the teahouse is put back together, what is the last light to come on?
(a) The front light.
(b) The light over Lotus Blossom.
(c) The light of the moon.
(d) The light for dancing.

2. What has Capt. McLean subscribed to for years?
(a) The Wall Street Journal.
(b) All the farm journals.
(c) American Journal.
(d) The Farmer's Almanac.

3. What did the potential buyers think of the straw hats?
(a) They wanted the hats to be in different colors.
(b) They thought it would make them look like "hayseed."
(c) They wanted a bandana around the hats for color.
(d) They thought it would make them look like country singers.

4. What do they call the liquor that was made 10 days ago?
(a) 10 star Brandy.
(b) Special Brandy.
(c) Blue Ribbon Brandy.
(d) Happy Brandy.

5. What has Capt. McLean done for years every spring?
(a) Made lists of seeds he would like to plant.
(b) Plowed and planted a garden.
(c) Put money in savings for a farm.
(d) Seeded his lawn.

6. For what special occasions is the liquor made?
(a) Teahouse celebrations.
(b) Weddings and funerals.
(c) Spring dances.
(d) End-of-war dances.

7. What man from town would Lotus Blossom like to marry in the end?
(a) Seiko.
(b) Sakini.
(c) McLean.
(d) Hokaida.

8. Whom does Fisby call first to try to sell the liquor?
(a) Tokyo Bars.
(b) Maj. McEvoy.
(c) Col. Purdy.
(d) The officer's club in Awasi.

9. What does Fisby say about the villagers' work?
(a) He tells them maybe they can do better work.
(b) He says nothing about their work.
(c) He is sorry that their work isn't better.
(d) He tells them they should all be proud of their work.

10. What does Col. Purdy want to see once he arrives in the village?
(a) The school.
(b) The offices.
(c) The Progress Reports.
(d) The teahouse.

11. What is Fisby wearing when he meets Capt. McLean?
(a) Amy fatigues.
(b) A white coat.
(c) A silk kimono.
(d) His blue bathrobe, his geta, and a straw hat.

12. What is the villagers' liquor made from?
(a) Apples.
(b) Plums.
(c) Rice.
(d) Sweet potatoes.

13. What does Fisby say about Col. Purdy's mother?
(a) That she would disapprove of anything that goes on in the teahouse.
(b) That she could see anything that goes on in the teahouse.
(c) That she will be disappointed if he doesn't make General.
(d) The he should call his mother and get her thoughts on the teahouse.

14. According to Sakini at the beginning of Act 3, Scene 2, what has invaded the island of Okinawa?
(a) Tsunami, typhoons, and rats
(b) Frogs, cicadas, and American Marines.
(c) Japanese pirates, and plague.
(d) Typhoons, locusts, cockroaches, and the sweet potato moth.

15. How is the group flying over to look at the village going to document the trip?
(a) They are bringing journalists to record interviews.
(b) They are bringing their own cameras.
(c) They have a movie crew with them.
(d) They are bringing photographers from a magazine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is thrown from the ring during the wrestling match?

2. What is the Haitian word for sweet potato?

3. What does Sakini want to do when he realizes that Fisby is leaving?

4. What is the name of the special liquor taste tester?

5. What is eating up the Chinese peas?

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