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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was Sakini born?
(a) Tokyo.
(b) Awasi.
(c) Tonaki.
(d) Tobiki.

2. Whom does Fisby call to try to unload Lotus Blossom?
(a) Capt. McLean.
(b) Col. Purdy.
(c) He does not try to get rid of her.
(d) Major McEvoy at Awasi.

3. How does Sakini get Fisby to let Lotus Blossom teach the other women in town?
(a) He tells Fisby that Lotus Blossom knows about democracy.
(b) He tells Fisby that Lotus Blossom is a great singer.
(c) He tells Fisby that Lotus Blossom is not a prostitute.
(d) He tells Fisby that Lotus Blossom is a wonderful actress.

4. What is the first kind of business Fisby thinks of starting in the village?
(a) Teaching school for entire area.
(b) A souvenir business.
(c) Manual labor.
(d) Farming.

5. What shape will the new schoolhouse be in the village?
(a) Triangle.
(b) Square.
(c) Round.
(d) Pentagon shaped.

6. What did the children want to see on the trip?
(a) The ocean.
(b) The mountains.
(c) An army base.
(d) Other children.

7. How will Fisby see around the children on the hood of the car?
(a) He will have to sit on a book.
(b) The goat will signal when to turn.
(c) The children will tell Fisby when to turn.
(d) The old lady has very good eyesight and will tell them when to turn.

8. How does Fisby take his "medication?"
(a) With water.
(b) With his tea.
(c) Dry.
(d) With Brandy.

9. What does it mean to give someone a chrysanthemum bud?
(a) That the August Moon is wise.
(b) That the heart of the giver is ready to unfold.
(c) That death is near.
(d) That the recipients' cheeks are like blossoms.

10. How does Sakini think Fisby should dole out the jobs?
(a) The men should get the jobs first.
(b) First come, first serve.
(c) The people who bring the best gifts get the best jobs.
(d) The women should get the jobs first.

11. What does Miss Higa Jiga say is happening in the village?
(a) All the men are drunk in the pine grove.
(b) That the men are making too much noise building the schoolhouse.
(c) Discrimination.
(d) That all the Geisha are taking over.

12. Why will the person sitting on top of the bundles not fall off?
(a) She has great balance.
(b) She has on a seat belt.
(c) She is tied on.
(d) She is going to hold on tight.

13. Under what title should information be reported about children being born?
(a) "Pregnancies."
(b) "Population Increases."
(c) "Populations booms."
(d) "Newborns."

14. Who is the 2nd-best carpenter in the village?
(a) Miss Higa Jiga's mother.
(b) Mr. Seiko.
(c) Mr. Hokaida's father.
(d) Mr. Sumata's father.

15. What should Fisby be wearing out in the sun according to Col. Purdy?
(a) A straw hat.
(b) A baseball cap.
(c) His helmet.
(d) Uniform hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many weeks have passed at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?

2. What does Fisby ask Lotus Blossom to do when he takes the call from Col. Purdy?

3. When someone gives a cricket cage, what is not included?

4. Why did Fisby not report the birth of six kids in his report to the Col. under Population Increases?

5. Why do the villagers want to keep Mr. Omura as mayor?

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