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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the person or animal who jumps on right before the group leaves traveling?
(a) He just wants to go for a ride.
(b) He is the children's pet..
(c) He wants to see the jungle.
(d) He wants to see the ocean.

2. Who is the best carpenter in the village?
(a) Mr. Hokaida.
(b) Mr. Seiko.
(c) Miss Higa Jiga.
(d) Mr. Sumata.

3. What shape will the new schoolhouse be in the village?
(a) Round.
(b) Square.
(c) Pentagon shaped.
(d) Triangle.

4. What is Lotus Blossom doing when Col. Purdy calls at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) Fanning Fisby.
(b) Dancing for Fisby.
(c) Making tea for Fisby.
(d) Reading to Fisby.

5. When Fisby tells one of the people to get off, what does this character say to Fisby?
(a) "Why?"
(b) "I'm going, so let's get going!"
(c) "I'm not taking up any room."
(d) "If the goat can ride, then so can I."

6. How does Sakini announce to Col. Purdy that he has entered the room?
(a) He knocks on his behind.
(b) He starts to sing "God Bless America".
(c) He clears his throat.
(d) He begins talking.

7. What does it mean to give someone a chrysanthemum bud?
(a) That the heart of the giver is ready to unfold.
(b) That death is near.
(c) That the August Moon is wise.
(d) That the recipients' cheeks are like blossoms.

8. Why will the person sitting on top of the bundles not fall off?
(a) She is tied on.
(b) She is going to hold on tight.
(c) She has great balance.
(d) She has on a seat belt.

9. What has Maj. McEvoy accomplished in his village?
(a) A new schoolhouse has been built.
(b) 4th-graders know the alphabet through "M" and the whole village can sing "God Bless America" in English.
(c) He has delivered fourteen lectures on democracy.
(d) All new houses have been built.

10. What do the people of the village want Fisby to build?
(a) A town hall.
(b) A teahouse.
(c) A schoolhouse.
(d) A .

11. To whom does Lotus Blossom pay her dues?
(a) The Teahouse Guild.
(b) The Geisha Guild.
(c) The Okinawan Guild.
(d) The Artisan Guild.

12. What magazine does Col. Purdy read?
(a) Auto Mechanics.
(b) Adventure Magazine.
(c) National Geographic.
(d) American Roadster.

13. What does Miss Higa Jiga want Lotus Blossom to do for the League for Democratic Action?
(a) Teach them to be Geisha.
(b) Teach them how to serve tea.
(c) Teach them about democracy.
(d) Teach them how to play an instrument.

14. When, according to Col. Purdy, will US troops be out of Okinawa?
(a) By the next year.
(b) By the next generation.
(c) In five years.
(d) In 100 years.

15. What should Fisby wear when he goes in the sun?
(a) A helmet.
(b) A kasa or straw hat.
(c) Sunscreen.
(d) He takes an umbrella.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the villagers do at 5:30 p.m.?

2. Who does Purdy believe wrote the "Tale of Two Cities"?

3. What is Sakini chewing when the play begins?

4. What is Col. Purdy looking for as Act 1, Scene 1 ends?

5. What items does Miss Higa Jiga want Fisby to send for so that the women in the village can compete with Lotus Blossom?

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