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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "Hai" mean in English according to Sakini?
(a) Hi.
(b) No.
(c) Yes, that means no.
(d) O.K.

2. What should Fisby wear when he goes in the sun?
(a) He takes an umbrella.
(b) A helmet.
(c) Sunscreen.
(d) A kasa or straw hat.

3. Where will the people of the village get the lumber for their building project?
(a) Ship it in from the coast.
(b) Tear down old buildings and use the lumber.
(c) From the lumber for the new schoolhouse.
(d) Cut the lumber themselves.

4. How does Sakini announce to Col. Purdy that he has entered the room?
(a) He knocks on his behind.
(b) He starts to sing "God Bless America".
(c) He clears his throat.
(d) He begins talking.

5. What happened when Fisby was given a job licking envelopes?
(a) He threw up from the taste.
(b) He was quite successful.
(c) He cut his tongue.
(d) He developed an allergy.

6. What shape will the new schoolhouse be in the village?
(a) Square.
(b) Pentagon shaped.
(c) Triangle.
(d) Round.

7. What did the children want to see on the trip?
(a) An army base.
(b) Other children.
(c) The mountains.
(d) The ocean.

8. Who is the best carpenter in the village?
(a) Mr. Seiko.
(b) Mr. Hokaida.
(c) Mr. Sumata.
(d) Miss Higa Jiga.

9. How does Sakini describe the road to the village?
(a) It follows the beach.
(b) It is a gravel road.
(c) It is very hilly.
(d) It is just a path for a wagon cart and goat.

10. What magazine does Col. Purdy read?
(a) Auto Mechanics.
(b) National Geographic.
(c) Adventure Magazine.
(d) American Roadster.

11. To whom does Lotus Blossom pay her dues?
(a) The Teahouse Guild.
(b) The Artisan Guild.
(c) The Okinawan Guild.
(d) The Geisha Guild.

12. What does Miss Higa Jiga say is happening in the village?
(a) That all the Geisha are taking over.
(b) Discrimination.
(c) That the men are making too much noise building the schoolhouse.
(d) All the men are drunk in the pine grove.

13. What will happen if Fisby does not take the person sitting on top of the bundles?
(a) The mayor of Tobiki village will be mad at him.
(b) Sakini will cry.
(c) Fisby will lose face.
(d) The old woman will be mad at Fisby.

14. What does Mr. Oshira make?
(a) School houses.
(b) Lacquered cups.
(c) Cricket cages.
(d) Teahouses.

15. How often is Fisby supposed to send a report to Col. Purdy?
(a) Daily.
(b) Bi-monthly.
(c) Yearly.
(d) Monthly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the village located on the island where Fisby must go?

2. Why does the traveler need so many packages?

3. What does Mr. Hokaida give as a gift?

4. What do the villagers do at 5:30 p.m.?

5. What does Sakini tell Fisby is the business of a Geisha?

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