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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the animal ride on the trip?
(a) He is tied with a rope to the jeep.
(b) On the hood with the children.
(c) He rides at the top with the old woman.
(d) He is on the back.

2. Why do the villagers want to keep Mr. Omura as mayor?
(a) Because he is a teacher.
(b) Because he is wise.
(c) Because he has five crickets.
(d) Because he already owns a white coat.

3. What is one of the main points of democracy that Fisby tells the villagers?
(a) That the President is your friend.
(b) That the President is an old man.
(c) That the President wants a school.
(d) That you can write the President.

4. When Fisby tells one of the people to get off, what does this character say to Fisby?
(a) "I'm not taking up any room."
(b) "Why?"
(c) "If the goat can ride, then so can I."
(d) "I'm going, so let's get going!"

5. Whom does Fisby call first to try to sell the liquor?
(a) Maj. McEvoy.
(b) Tokyo Bars.
(c) The officer's club in Awasi.
(d) Col. Purdy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sakini explains to Fisby that the village has had many invaders. What do the people do now to protect their treasures?

2. Where was Sakini born?

3. How many castings do earthworms leave behind?

4. What song do Fisby and Capt. McLean sing after the wrestling match?

5. What does tsukemono mean?

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