Daily Lessons for Teaching The Teahouse of the August Moon

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Objective: Act 1, Scene 1 Sakini is used as a narrator and begins the play with a monologue. The objective of this lesson is to explore the use of a narrator and the author's choice of a monologue to tell the story.

1. Class Discussion: What is narration? How is narration used? Is the character of Sakini only a narrator? How is his character used? How does Sakini move between monologues and scenes? Name some other qualities of Sakini. What else does he bring to the play? How does he use humor? Irony?

2. Group Discussion: Break into 4 small groups and discuss the monologue and how it is used: What is a monologue? How does Sakini use the monologue? What information does the monologue give us? How could this information be given without a monologue?

3. Individual Writing Assignment: Could this story be told without a narrator? How?

4. Homework: Write a one...

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