The Teahouse of the August Moon Character Descriptions

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Captain Fisby - This character is the young officer assigned to implement Plan B in the Americanization process of the tiny Okinawan village of Tobiki.

Lotus Blossom - This character is a young Geisha who is described as petite and lovely, dressed in traditional Geisha costume.

Captain McLean - This character harbors a passion for horticulture, and is quickly inspired to head the planting of crops in the village.

Colonel Wainwright Purdy - This character is in charge of the military base in which Act 1 is set. He is described as a man of proportions, on whose shoulders the worries of the world in general and the Army of Occupation in particular weigh heavily. He has promised his wife that he would be promoted before the end of his career.

Sakini - This character is the interpreter for the American military and serves as a sort...

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