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Infant Rooms

This is where five-year-old students were placed at the school.

Maori Transitional Primers

These were developed by the teacher to combine English language with Maori customs.

English Primers

These were developed by English and American educators to teach all children in New Zealand.

New Zealand

This is the country where the teacher lived and attempted to teach Maori children.


This is an inland city where the school was located.

Fernhill School

This is where the teacher tried to teach Maori children to read and write English.

The Golden Section

This is the ideal proportion and the intersection of nature (especially plant life) and numbers.

Maori Belt

This displayed the colors of the blended races.

Girl's Basketball Team

This was organized by the teacher and won many competitions.

Mr. Tremaine's Typewriter

This was used to transfer the teacher's notes into ones that could be read by...

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